Coming Soon

As of January 1, 2010 this will be the new home for Musings.  I have decided to move away from LiveJournal in order to:

  • Provide search capability
  • Improve the organization of posts using tabbed pages
  • Increase the number of links on my sidebar
  • Add more graphical widgets to my sidebar
  • Be able to save drafts and schedule posts in advance

I still have some work to do, most notably adding a custom header.  I hope you like the new look!

5 thoughts on “Coming Soon

    • Terri, thanks for your comment! I know what you mean about LJ. I almost moved a year ago, but ran into a snag & ran out of time (I really wanted to make a clean break at the calendar year). This year I’ve been getting more & more frustrated with LJ’s limitations and the ads. So WordPress, here I come! My design is pretty well set; I just need to create my header graphic.

  1. Laura – I so admire your techie ability ! I have a non LT friend who uses WordPress and I find it really easy. Your explanation regarding why you moved is inspiring me to maybe go back and begin blogging again. Trouble for me was it was taking me longer to access the techie bits than write – which was not the purpose! I look forward to watcing your posts here and on LT.

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