The Orange Prize Project: 2010 Goals Progress

The Orange Prize is my favorite award after the Booker Prize.  In 2009, I finished the winners list and read two shortlisted works.  In 2010 my goal is 8:  7 shortlisted works, plus the 2010 winner. Jill at The Magic Lasso will continue her tradition of sponsoring “Orange January” and “Orange July,” two months devoted to reading from the Orange Prize list.  I’ll be doing most, if not all, of my Orange reading during those two months.

Orange Prize Books Read in 2010
(Books will be listed as completed)

Complete List of Orange Prize Fiction Winners & Shortlists Read (with links to reviews where available):

2010 – The Lacuna (Kingsolver)

2009 – Home (Robinson)

2008 – The Road Home (Tremain)

2007 – Half of a Yellow Sun (Adichie)

2006 – On Beauty (Smith)

2005 – We Need to Talk About Kevin (Shriver)

2004 – Small Island (Levy)

2003 – Property (Martin)

  • Unless (Shields)

2002Bel Canto (Patchett)

2001 – The Idea of Perfection (Grenville)

  • The Blind Assassin (Atwood)

2000 – When I lived in Modern Times (Grant)

1999 – A Crime in the Neighborhood (Berne)

  • The Poisonwood Bible (Kingsolver)
  • Paradise (Morrison)

1998 – Larry’s Party (Shields)

1997 – Fugitive Pieces (Michaels)

1996 – A Spell of Winter (Dunmore)

  • The Hundred Secret Senses (Tan)
  • Ladder of Years (Tyler)

5 thoughts on “The Orange Prize Project: 2010 Goals Progress

  1. I haven’t finished the winners yet, but I think I’ve read more of the short listed books than you. Hopefully I’ll read a few more this year – it won’t be long until I’ve read the whole list – which will be very satisfying! Good luck with your challenge!

  2. Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood (Short List 1997) would be my recommendation!

    Thanks for participating (and advocating) Orange July!

    =) Jill

  3. Of the SL’ed ones you haven’t yet read, I think you might like Carrie Tiffany’s Everyman’s Rules for Scientific Living (2006) and Patricia Wood’s The Lottery (2008); I’m less sure whether or not you’d enjoy Charlotte Mendelson’s When We Were Bad (2008) as much as I did (only because some of the characters are particularly unlikeable), but she instantly became a MRE (Must-Read-Everything) author for me on the strength of that novel. I hope you enjoy the ones you choose next!

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