Weekly Geeks: Winter Reading

This week’s prompt:

For this week’s Weekly Geeks, share with us the books which call out to you during the cold, wintry months. Are there genres which appeal to you most? Why do you think you are drawn to these types of books during winter? Do you have some book recommendations for other readers who are looking for some escape from the blustery weather? Give us some of your favorites and tell us why you recommend them.

Just as summer is often reserved for “beach reads” and other light fare, my winter reading often gravitates toward heavier stuff.  During the colder months, I’m much more likely to pick up a difficult classic, a super chunky book, or a book with dark or somber storyline.  I don’t think I’m especially drawn to these during winter; they just don’t appeal to me as much in the summer.  And some of my favorite books have come from winter reading.  I checked my top 5 reads from 2007-2009, and found these books.  I read all of these in the first 3 months of the year (links will open reviews in a new window or tab):

Each of these books has elements of tragedy and loss.  Several deal with war and its effects on society.  And each one is exquisitely written.  I don’t recommend reading them all in one go, but you wouldn’t go wrong adding these to your “tbr pile.”

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Geeks: Winter Reading

  1. Classics and chunksters — they appeal to me in the winter. I think because the evoke the image of sitting in front of a fireplace with a big mug of tea (or a bourbon) and getting lost in a book.

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