Beadwork: Another Multi-Strand Necklace

Recently I finished my second jewelry project, a Multi-Strand Necklace with Italian ”Onyx” Beads and Fire-Polished Beads from Fire Mountain Gems.  Like my first project, the materials were a Christmas gift from my husband.  However, there were a couple of “poison pills” buried in the materials list:  a 14k gold-filled melon-shaped bead, at $48 for 20 beads, and a clasp that was very pretty, but cost $37.  Um, no.  Even Santa balked at that!  I found a brass oval-shaped bead to substitute for the 14k bead, and used clasps leftover from another project.

The instructions were clear and easy to follow (click on photos for a larger view)

I used my bead board to lay out the beads before stringing (left).  There were five separate strands (center), which I loosely braided (right).  For the clasp, I used the same method as in the Multi-Strand Necklace with Wood Beads, attaching the strands to an eye pin, finishing each end with a cone and wrapped loop, and tying it all together with a hook-and-eye clasp.

The finished product is very pretty, albeit a bit heavy.  I’ll need to keep that in mind on my next project, where I will be choosing my own beads to suit a design.

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