The Sunday Salon: Musings goes to the Dogs

Hello everyone.  Laura is off doing something interesting today, which she promises to tell you all about next week.  But today you are in for a real treat, because she asked us to do a guest post.   So let’s get started.

Woody:  I’m the one on the left — younger, handsomer, and yellow.  I am 2 years old, and my favorite activity is chewing.

Lily:  Obviously I’m the one on the right.  I’m older (7), but far wiser.  I gave up chewing years ago in favor of counter-surfing.  I was really happy when Woody joined the family, even though he was an annoying little puppy.  It’s nice to have company, and he makes me exercise which is A Good Thing.  In case you can’t tell, I struggle a bit with my figure.

Woody:  Enough about you, Lily.  How about that blizzard?!  The weather this past week has been unbelievable.  The snow comes all the way up to my belly, and brrr!  It’s cold!  But it’s also fluffy and fun to hop around in.   My people keep trying to move it all out of the way but I keep finding new piles to jump into.   I have to say, I liked having the family at home this week!

Lily:  Woody, you sure do run at the mouth!  This is a sophisticated audience we’re dealing with here, they probably already know a lot about snow.  So, let’s get to the point.  You know how Laura likes to curl up in a chair with one of those book things?  She did that a lot this week.  One of her books had a picture of a man on the cover.  But the other two had women on the covers.  One of those women looked regal — maybe she was a queen or something.  The other woman was young and pretty.  I sniffed the books but they didn’t smell tasty (and for me, that’s saying something!)  I looked inside, but all I saw were squiggles.  I’m not sure what these book things are all about, and why they take up so much of Laura’s time.  But I do like the pretty covers.

Woody:  Right. Well, just for you, here are the covers.  And I poked around this blog and found book reviews, so people can click on the cover to read Laura’s review.  Well, except for the one with the pretty girl.  I don’t think Laura’s finished that book thing yet.  So that cover links to LibraryThing, if anyone wants more information about it.  That girl sure is pretty, though.  Woof woof.

Lily: Woody, you are smarter than I thought.  But you know what?  I’m bored sitting around here.  Where’s our ball?  Let’s go play!

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