The Sunday Salon: What I Read on Vacation

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Sunday Salon.  I extended last weekend’s holiday by taking the week off from work.  The northeastern US experienced a severe heat wave, with temperatures reaching 100F or higher.   So much for the extensive gardening I’d planned — it was too darn hot.  I spent two days visiting universities with my daughter, and when I was home, I spent a lot of time indoors.  I had nothing better do to than read — bliss and happiness!

And I’ve read like a fiend.  I finished The Lacuna and The Outcast for Orange July (the links will take you to my reviews).  The latter was quite intense; after reading it I really needed something light and easy.  When that happens, I often turn to British author Barbara Pym, whose writing is full of brilliant wit and satire.  Less than Angels is not her best (read my review), but it still helped put The Outcast behind me.

For my third Orange July book, I’m now reading Attica Locke’s Black Water Rising, which was on the shortlist for the 2010 Orange Prize.  This book is a crime thriller set in the United States — very different from the typical Orange Prize nominee.  I was easily drawn into the mystery, and the political environment surrounding it.  And while it’s well-written, I’m still wondering what made it stand out for the judges.  I should finish it soon — perhaps even today, if I don’t get distracted by other obligations — so look for my review in the next couple of days.

On Monday I’ll be back to work 😦  But on the plus side, I have another week of vacation (and more reading time!) planned for the end of the month.

Did you read anything notable this week?  Tell me about it!


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4 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: What I Read on Vacation

  1. Now, you’ve really piqued my curiousity about Black Water Rising. I really think the Orange Prize judges were trying to pick books from different genres this year. The Very Thought of You was a romance novel (not the Harlequin variety).

    I am taking The White Woman on the Green Bicycle on my vacation! =)


  2. I haven’t read Black Water Rising, but I have read a blogger review or two of it, and I was definitely surprised to see it on the Orange Prize list. I don’t know anything about its quality, but it definitely seems like they’re breaking out of a certain type of book that they usually choose with it. Looking forward to your review!

  3. @Jill, Jackie, Megan: I finished Black Water Rising sooner than I expected and my review is now posted! Definitely not typical Orange fare, but I enjoyed it. And as I wrote in my review, I think the additional layer of racism and social issues is what made this one stand out.

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