The Sunday Salon: August Wrap-up

August isn’t quite over yet, but my kids go back to school tomorrow so it feels like things are coming to an end.  This month I resumed normal operations, leaving behind July’s record-breaking reading pace. I read 7 books, and just over 2000 pages.  Book #8 is in progress, but I’m not expecting to finish it by Tuesday, so I’ll count it in September.

I’ve been very pleased with my reading choices this year.  More than 90% of my books were rated 3 stars or better, which by my definition means they’ve at least been “respectable.”  August’s books fit the trend, and I was especially pleased to find my second 5-star read of the year (Edith Wharton’s The Custom of the Country).  These are the books I read; links will take you to reviews:

On the blogging front, this month I also published a new Best of Musings page.  And each of my posts now include WordPress’ new “share” & “like” features, so click away please!   I also am running a first-ever poll.  Having thoroughly enjoyed reading Edith Wharton this month, I’d like your advice on which of her books to read next.  Summer is the current favorite.  The poll will be open until Wednesday, so vote now!

I’ll be back next week to chat about my September reading … have a great week!


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7 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: August Wrap-up

  1. Two books a week is a fantastic pace. I’ve not heard of any of them (well, except the Wharton). Thanks for sharing and let’s hope for cooler weather soon.

    I finally finished The Three Musketeers. I write about it at my Sunday Salon post today.

  2. I have been trying to average 8 books a month – and so far have done that or better. It is weird, with all the stress, I thought my reading would slow down, but actually it has improved *laugh* Call it escapism, maybe!

    I hope you read Summer – I want to read the review 🙂

    • I’ll read it soonish, Wendy … it looks like it will win the poll and while I won’t be reading it in September, I hope to get to it soon!

  3. I think I read about 8 books in August too – a good pace for me. Your “Best of Musings” is a really good idea. It’s better at letting us know who you are as a reader. Something that the “about” pages sometimes don’t fully capture. I may borrow it 🙂 And I appreciate the breadth of your reading.

    • Kinna, thank you for the feedback on my “best of” page! You are welcome to “borrow” the idea — isn’t that one of the fun parts of blogging?

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