The Sunday Salon: Still waiting for that really good book

Sunday again?  Where does the time go?

I had a busy week, and I’m not even sure what took up so much time!  But the days flew by and it felt like I had less time for reading than usual.  I also missed publishing a Midweek @ Musings post.  I was a bit low on inspiration, but that hasn’t stopped me before — sometimes the idea comes to me that very day.  I kept hoping for that little miracle, but it didn’t happen, and Wednesday came and went.  Ah, well.  It happens, right?  And now it’s the start of a new week.

It didn’t help that my mini reading funk continued all week:  I’m still hoping to read a really good book.  I read Rose Tremain’s Trespass, and while it was thought-provoking, and I read it quickly, it didn’t take hold of me like I’d hoped.  Next I picked up Something to Answer For, which was the very first winner of the Booker Prize.  This one is a bit of a slog.  It’s not a bad book, but it’s highly metaphorical and a bit hard to follow.  Both books are the same length (about 280 pages), and while I read Tremain’s book in 3 days, I’ve been reading Something to Answer For for 5 days, and still have about 100 pages to go.  I don’t think my busy week is the only reason for this!

Perhaps my next book will be that really good book I’ve been waiting for.  I’ll be reading Edith Wharton’s Summer, which I’ve  been looking forward to ever since it was chosen in a reader’s poll.  I’ll be back with a full report!

What are you reading this weekend?


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10 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Still waiting for that really good book

  1. I find my reading suffers during seasonal transitions (summer to fall, winter to spring). If I don’t pick up something with a real kick to it during those periods, I’m likely to set it aside, resulting in a pile of six or seven books with book marks stuck in their early pages. November and January are my favourite/best reading months. So maybe you too have seasonal reading disorder?

    • That’s an interesting theory, Tui! I haven’t noticed it before, but I did read a lot of excellent books this summer so maybe I am coming down off a “high.” And I hate setting things aside, so I forge ahead and then gripe about it 🙂

  2. I just finished Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and it was fabulous. I loved it, and read it with a smile on my face the whole time.
    Next up: a mystery thriller!

  3. Oh Tui – love it – seasonal reading disorder! I am in a ‘reading funk’ and have been for a week. I can so empathise with what you are saying about six or seven books with book marks in those early pages.

    Laura – thanks for your honesty too! Maybe I should go and get my Miss Pettigrew off the Virago shelf!

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