The Sunday Salon: October Wrap-up

Happy Halloween!  To be honest, I don’t do much to celebrate this holiday, and we never have many trick-or-treaters.  But each year, I feel compelled to stock up on candy just in case.  That usually means I have leftovers to take into the office the next day! The weekend weather has been very nice in these parts, and my husband and I took advantage of it yesterday by taking our dogs for a long walk on our favorite woodland trail.  I was also able to finish my last book of the month, Vera Brittain’s Testament of Youth, which I raved about last week.  This was such a moving book that I knew early on it would be a 5-star read (only my third such book this year). 

Since it’s the end of the month, I’ll serve up a “Halloween treat” by recapping the books I read in October (links will take you to reviews):

I read fewer books than usual, although Testament of Youth was a chunkster at 661 pages.  And while Testament of Youth was a real winner, Something to Answer For was a disappointment.  It won the very first Booker Prize in 1969, but the writing style and lack of character development got on my nerves.

I’m really looking forward to my November reading, which I’ll say more about in a future post.  After Testament of Youth I needed lighter fare, so I’ve started Elizabeth Taylor’s At Mrs Lippincote’s.  Although this book is also set in wartime, Taylor writes tremendous character-driven novels that I enjoy very much.  So now I’m off to read!

What were your favorite books in October?


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2 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: October Wrap-up

  1. I’ve had an amazing October of reading, with the most 4.5 starred books of the year. (I save 5 star books generally to upgraded, after contemplation and good thoughts well after the fact, or one I know I will love forever. I’m very picky!) It helped that I was reading for the RIP V Challenge, generally my favorite type of book.

    Thirteen Hours – Deon Meyer 4.5
    Gretzky’s Tears NF- Stephen Brunt 4.5
    The Murder Stone – Louise Penny 4
    Code Orange YA – Caroline B Cooney 4+
    Fear the Worst – Linwood Barclay 4
    The Darkest Room – Johan Theorin 4
    Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day – Winifred Watson 4.5
    You Comma Idiot – Doug Harris 4
    Room – Emma Donoghue 4.5

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