Midweek @ Musings: “Un-project” Progress Report

A few weeks ago I decided to try something new:  reading more spontaneously.  I’ve sworn off timed challenges, and the idea is to pick up any book that strikes my fancy.  This week I realized that it may take a month or two to achieve that kind of spontaneity.  When I embarked on this “un-project,” I had several books mentally queued up to read sooner than later:

  • At Mrs Lippincote’s, by Elizabeth Taylor
  • The Finkler Question, by Howard Jacobson
  • Room, by Emma Donoghue
  • To Mervas, by Elisabeth Rynell
  • Breaking Night, by Liz Murray
  • The Man who Loved Children, by Christina Stead
  • A Dry White Season, by Andre Brink
  • South Riding, by Winifred Holtby

Only one — Breaking Night — represents a real commitment.  I received it last month from LibraryThing Early Reviewers, and I need to read it in a “reasonable” period.  But you know, I genuinely want to read all of these books!  Some, like The Finkler Question and Room, are recent additions to my tbr pile.  To Mervas was a pleasant surprise; I won it in a Belletrista giveaway.  Others, like The Man who Loved Children and A Dry White Season, have been patiently waiting for my attention for the better part of this year. 

So … that’s 8 books, which should take me into early/mid December.  And then last week I decided to read Barchester Towers for the Classics Circuit Anthony Trollope Tour.   I guess having 9 books piled up waiting to be read isn’t exactly reading spontaneously.  But I’m taking a lot of time off during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, which means I’m likely to read more than these 9 books.  And I have no idea what I’ll choose — that’s where my spontaneity will finally come in !!

I’m slowly breaking this “planned reading” habit.  I may be cured by, oh, February … 🙂

3 thoughts on “Midweek @ Musings: “Un-project” Progress Report

  1. Jackie, I’m glad you can appreciate my list-mania! These are all books that were already on my plan, but I’m OK with that because I really thought about it and couldn’t imagine shelving any of them. Of course I reserve the right to change my mind if one of them doesn’t suit me when I get to it.

  2. I see what you mean about this being a real challenge for you!

    I’ve had a bit of a reading (and blogging) block but hopefully will be back into the swing soon. I’ve done nothing but read spontaneously lately which seems to include more knitting magazines than books…

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