The Sunday Salon: In which I do a reading flip-flop

In last week’s post, I described my current and planned reading as “heavy & serious stuff,” which suited my mood at the time.  This weekend my reading mood has completely changed, so I find myself doing an about-face on my reading plans.

This time last week, I’d finished Emma Donoghue’s Room (read my review), and started André Brink’s A Dry White Season. These are both tense, dramatic books, and I had two more serious & somber works queued up.  After finishing the Brink (my review is here), I dove right into Breaking Night, by Liz Murray.

Well.  I was also having a rather stressful week.  I had about a million things to get done at work, and my evenings were busier than usual with kids’ activities.  I’d come home at night, feeling the stress in my shoulders and neck.  And let me just say that a memoir about a young girl whose parents suffered from severe drug addiction was doing nothing for my stress level.

The good news is, I’m now off work for an entire week!  And suddenly I no longer want to read heavy and serious stuff.  I want to relax, and enjoy something fun.  I clearly need to set Breaking Night aside. The books I thought I’d read next aren’t the therapy I need right now.  But I’m sure I have something appropriate lying around …

I’m off to visit my bookshelf.  By next Sunday I should have de-stressed and enjoyed at least one book.  And who knows, maybe I’ll even have come back to finish Breaking Night!!


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10 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: In which I do a reading flip-flop

  1. Thank goodness for variety! It really makes it easier to switch gears when our moods and life situations call for different books than we were or had planned on reading. I hope you enjoy your break this week and the lighter reading.

    • Thanks Wendy. I picked up a mystery and it’s proving to be a much better match for my current mood … hope you have a great week, too!

  2. Yes, I read that one recently. Very stressful read. Little children trying to find a way to get money to buy food.

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  3. That’s why I find it so hard to make reading plans and then stick to them. I do love making the plans, I just never follow through..

    I do hope you’re less stressed by the end of this week 🙂

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