The Sunday Salon: November Wrap-up

We’re coming to the end of a long holiday weekend in the US, and I’m mentally preparing myself to return to work on Monday.  But it being so close to month-end, I’m also taking stock of my reading this month.  As of today I’ve finished 6 books, about average for me. There’s some possibility of finishing a 7th book by Tuesday; in any case I will certainly be most of the way through it.

And it’s been a pretty good month in terms of quality as well, with half of my books rated 4 stars or better.  Here’s what I read (links will take you to reviews):

Since I was actually off work all of last week, I was able to finish two books.  Out of the Deep I Cry was just what I needed after realizing I needed a break from “serious” books.  I don’t know why mysteries are such comfort reads, what with dead bodies turning up all over the place, but Julia Spencer-Fleming has yet to disappoint me. Then I moved on to To Mervas, which was interesting and emotional but didn’t quite live up to some of my other reads.

Also this week I did  a bit of housekeeping on my blog.  You can read about it in my Midweek @ Musings post; I’ve already responded to reader comments and upgraded my Projects and Features tabs.  I’m always open to feedback, so have a look and let me know what you think!

And what am I currently reading?  Well, I’m still putting off reading Breaking Night and won’t get to it until sometime in December.  I’m part of a 75-book discussion group on LibraryThing, and To Mervas was my 74th book of the year.  I want my 75th book to be something specially chosen for the “occasion.”  Ever since reading Vera Brittain’s Testament of Youth, I’ve wanted to read something by her close friend Winifred Holtby.  I have a few of Holtby’s books in my Virago Modern Classics collection, and decided to read one of her best-known books, South Riding.  I’m so glad I did!  It’s absolutely wonderful.  I’ll be back to tell you all about it in a few days …

Meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying your reading.

What was your favorite book of November?


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6 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: November Wrap-up

  1. Hi Laura,

    These will probably come as a silly questions but:

    1 – I’m assuming you are a fast reader – how did you learn to read so fast and how can I learn to read faster? Practice doesn’t seem to be the answer I’ve always been a painfully slow reader.

    2- What does an avg day look like in terms if your reading schedule? How do you fit this in and around the rest of your life’s demands?

    Thanks and I enjoy reading your blog.


    2 –

  2. Great month of reading for you (with the exception of that last one!). I know what you mean about needing a break from serious reading – I like to mix in the mystery/thrillers and chick lit between the serious, more difficult books. Have a great week, Laura!!

  3. Thanks Jeff, Jill, Deb, and Wendy. I’ve actually been thinking about Jeff’s questions most of the day. And rather than dash off a quick answer here, my thoughts are starting to evolve into a legitimate blog post. Look for it on Wednesday!

  4. I like your new tabs! 🙂 I’m still at the ‘brainstorming’ stage of figuring out how I want to sort my book lists, and I’m thinking I’ll probably end doing some more rearranging. lol

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