Midweek @ Musings: In which the White Rabbit goes astray

On Sunday, I was in a bit of a panic about reading Barchester Towers.  I was up against a deadline:  a December 11 stop on The Classics Circuit’s Anthony Trollope tour.  And I felt a bit like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, running late and all that.  My greatest fear was not finishing this 533-page book in time.  I should worried more about finishing it, full stop.

I gave it my best, really I did, but the rabbit went astray at about the 25% mark.  See, there he is, lost in the grass:

I’m still collecting my thoughts about why this book didn’t work for me, and I’ll discuss this further in Saturday’s post.

Reading Barchester Towers actually made me excited about getting back to Breaking Night, a book I had set aside a few weeks ago.  I’m sure I’ll have more to say about that by the weekend as well.

The bunny looks much more relaxed now.  See you Saturday!

6 thoughts on “Midweek @ Musings: In which the White Rabbit goes astray

  1. Oh, well… I’ll be curious to read why this didn’t work for you. My bookmark has stuck in The Way We Live Now for 2 years. Will get back to it one of these days. I love that graphic!

  2. Totally off-topic, but: Ooh, bunnies! Sorry, it’s just.. give me pictures of a bunny and I will love your post no matter what.

    Sorry the Trollope didn’t work for you :\

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