The Sunday Salon: I have a map for that

Happy Boxing Day! I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas had a wonderful holiday.   The run-up to Christmas was a bit busy, but fun, culminating in our traditional family visit to Longwood Gardens on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Day we spent a leisurely morning opening gifts, and I received two unique items from my dear husband.  He loves to visit antique shops, and over the years has made some, shall we say, interesting finds.  His gifts to me are no exception, and ranged from amazing to outrageous.

First Edition, 1923

First, the amazing:  a first edition of Willa Cather’s A Lost Lady.  I’ve never owned a first edition before!  I really like the way Cather brings the American West to life, generally featuring strong women.  And I’ve never read this book, described as “a portrait of a woman who reflects the conventions of her age even as she defies them and whose transformations embody the decline and coarsening of the American frontier.”   Doesn’t that sound great?

And then there’s the outrageous:  seized by a burst of enthusiasm, Chris bought 5 very large maps.  Now, I really love maps and could peruse them for hours.  But where to put them?  Well, that’s our current conundrum, which prompted Chris to post this Facebook status later on Christmas Day:

Having stumbled across what I believed to be the perfect gift for Laura, I now understand the relatively small residential market for used, full-sized, classroom maps of the world.

You gotta love him.  In the photo below you can see 3 of the maps.  The one on the left depicts East Asia (1968), and is suspended from a ladder.  The two on the right are “World Origin of Man,” and the United States (1954), and are temporarily hanging on the door to our basement, making access to that part of the house a difficult proposition.  Clearly a more permanent solution is needed!  And I guess that’s our next project  … have a great week, everyone!  🙂


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6 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: I have a map for that

  1. With those maps, it looks like you’re going to do some kind of presentation as soon as you enter your house for some international business. “And here is where we’re going to focus our energy this year.” 🙂

    What is it with first editions today on The Sunday Salon? I also read about a couple of first editions over at The Boston Bibliophile. You crazy kids. 🙂

  2. I love the idea of the maps. I’ve always loved maps and reading them and seeing where places are. I remember during the Iran hostage incident in the late 70’s, before I would go to bed each night, I used the time zone dial to see what time it was where they were. There is something amazingly historical about reading maps and globes – especially the pull down classroom maps like Chris got you.


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