The Sunday Salon: Birthday Book Bonanza

It’s been a crazy-busy week with little time for reading, and it seems like ages since I’ve posted a book review.  I read Kitchen, and expect to finish The Hills at Home today, so reviews will be coming soon.  Meanwhile, the high point of my busy week was my birthday, and I had a really wonderful day including dinner out with my dear husband.  Yesterday, with gift money burning a hole in my pocket, I sat down and forced myself to spend it on books. 🙂  Here’s the birthday haul:

From my LibraryThing wish list:

Then I snagged three Virago Modern Classics out of the bargain bin at Awesomebooks.  These are by two authors I really like, and I’m pleased to have the VMC editions:

And finally, just because we seem to have fallen into a culinary rut of late, Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian fell into my shopping cart.

Next weekend there’s a big used book sale in a town nearby.  I’ve missed it the past two years, but this time I’m hoping to visit Friday night before everything gets too picked over.  If I find anything interesting I’ll be sure to report back here.

Read any good books this week?

p.s.  For those following the Reading Adventures of Lisa and Mary:  Lisa still has the book.  It’s due Friday.  I do hope she doesn’t start accruing late fees.  🙄


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16 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Birthday Book Bonanza

  1. What a coincidence, we have one of our local book sales next weekend as well, although in our case it’s just a one day event on the Sunday. I hope you find lots of real bargains.

    • I had fun treating myself Wendy! I read and recycle so many used books that when I receive gift $$ I want to make sure I buy “keepers” !

  2. Who wouldn’t be following the adventures of Lisa and Mary?! I’ll be looking out for their newly launched spin-off blogs.

    Your book shopping sounds delightful. And I’ve been thinking about making a rule about regularly adding cookbooks to the mix to keep things fresh too. Sometimes you don’t notice you’re in the rut until it’s deeper than it likely needed to be (or, maybe that’s just me!). I think buying (cook)books more often would help.

    • BIP, I’m glad Lisa and Mary are of such interest! Spin-off blogs … hmm … perhaps I’ll need to hire a creative team and some interns and … it could spark a while new career (LOL) !
      As for cookbooks, I have the illusion of having lots of variety, but so many of my cookbooks are ones I don’t use anymore. Some are just dated, others are less useful since I went veg 3 years ago. I should really cull my shelves so I can make room for ones I would use regularly.

  3. It sounds like you had a very nice birthday, Laura! And look at all those great new books you have to read! I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your books.

  4. I just read my first Willa Cather (O Pioneers!) and loved it. I’m looking forward to reading more. Thanks for stopping by and happy belated birthday.

    • Robyn, I’ve been seeing a lot of Willa around the blogosphere lately, and that was definitely an influence on my choosing those particular books.

    • Rachel, I’m eagerly awaiting the UPS man’s arrival on Wednesday! P&P is my planned “book after next” and this book will be a very nice companion read.

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