The Sunday Salon: In Praise of Used Book Sales

Welcome to this weekend’s Salon.  I’ve had a nicely bookish week,.  My birthday books arrived early in the week, and then Friday night I hit the annual used book sale at a local high school.  It’s really massive, and dreadfully crowded of course with lots of pushing and shoving.  But there are usually some good finds there.  For $16 I came away with six books:

Not bad, eh?  And then I also had a decent week of reading, finishing The Hills at Home, which I loved (read my review), and Salvation City, which was quite different but not bad (read my review).  I’m now deep into my latest Murdoch, The Nice and the Good, and finding it really enjoyable.  The more I read of her work, the more I appreciate her unique gifts.

Finally, a brief update on the Reading Adventures of Lisa and Mary:  Lisa was a model library patron, returning A Dance to the Music of Time on its due date.  The library’s website says it’s now “in transit” to Mary.  With any luck, it will be in my hands before April.

Have a great week !


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10 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: In Praise of Used Book Sales

  1. I love Miss Hargreaves too (reviewed it at LT, I think)…AND you got a Bloomsbury edition! Well scooped. You ARE on a real Murdoch roll…I think I have one sitting around here on the tbr shelves, which you are inspiring me to dig out. I think you made away like a bandit.

    • Tui, I’m glad to hear you also liked Miss Hargreaves. That’s another strong vote in its favor! And yeah, I’m pretty pleased with my haul. This is the biggest book sale in our immediate area. I missed it last year and the year before I didn’t find too much, so it was fun to go up and down the tables snagging books with wild abandon. I did exercise a wee bit of restraint, putting a couple books back … 🙂

    • Julie, you’re right about the LT reviews (I just skimmed a few). This was highly recommended by someone with tastes similar to mine, so we’ll just have to wait and see!

  2. I saw it mentioned in a book club magazine about a year ago. My local library doesn’t have any copies, Devon libraries has 10 copies, all out on loan! So it is clearly a popular book.

    • Thanks Simon … it’s funny, I was going to link to one of your posts mentioning Miss Hargreaves but when I did a search just about every post came up!

      • Tell me about it! My friend did a search on how often it was mentioned, and it came up at something ridiculous like one in every six posts.

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