Midweek @ Musings: Favorite Lit Blogs, Part 2 (The British Invasion)

It’s time once again to shine the spotlight on some of my favorite lit blogs.  Regular visitors and friends will know I spent four years in England, with only one regret:  being unfamiliar with Virago Modern Classics then, I missed out on the treasure trove available in charity shops.  These days, I find myself drawn to British bloggers.  I’ve found several who share my love of classics.  And while each blogger’s personality shines through, collectively their style and point of view are distinctly British.

These are the nine I follow regularly (in alphabetical order):

  • Athyrium Felix-femina: Marieke’s blog caught my eye when she joined The Complete Booker.  Originally from the US, she is now a permanent resident of a small town in Scotland.  Although Marieke recently admitted she’s doing more knitting than book blogging, she’s still reviewing books and sharing amusing local news headlines from the Oban Times.
  • Book Snob: Rachel’s blog is a delight to read.  She writes the most thorough book reviews of anyone I know, serving up fresh insights on even the most widely read classic.  Her enthusiasm is infectious, and when Rachel loves a book I feel like I have to get my hands on a copy right away!
  • cardigangirlverity and Verity’s Virago Adventure:  Verity is reading through the more than 500 Virago Modern Classics, and her Virago blog is an excellent source of reviews.  Her other blog keeps me up-to-date on the rest of her reading, and I get to know more about other aspects of her life.
  • Dovegreyreader Scribbles: I think of Lynne as the grande dame of British book bloggers.  I’m pretty sure hers is the first British lit blog I discovered.  Besides having great taste in books, Lynne writes about village fêtes, local wildlife, and country walks, including photos of her bit of Cornwall countryside that make me oh so nostalgic for “that green and pleasant land.”
  • Farm Lane Books:  Jackie was an early contributor to The Complete Booker, and I keep close tabs on her during Booker Prize season.  Her impressions of the long- and short-list help me prioritize my own Booker reading.  Actually, our taste in books is often quite different but we appreciate each other’s point of view.  And she knows enough about me to predict when I will like a book she hated, and vice versa.
  • Fleur Fisher reads:  Jane is a member of LibraryThing’s Virago Modern Classics group, and lives in Cornwall.  I’ve had the pleasure of swapping books with Jane, and she always includes a lovely card with a photo of her dog Briar.  What’s not to like about a Virago-loving, dog-loving blogger?
  • Paperback Reader:  Claire is also active in the LibraryThing VMC group, and shares my love of coffee and chocolate.  She  is constantly tempting me with her love of Persephone Books, but so far I have remained strong.
  • Stuck in a Book:  Simon is a relatively new addition to my favorite lit blogs.  I discovered him through Claire, and appreciate his take on the classics, including Viragos.  I also enjoy his regular features, like Weekend Miscellany.

So there you have it — a “British Invasion” representing one-third of my favorite lit blogs.  Why don’t you pay them a visit?


For more of my favorite lit blogs, read part 1, my “old friends”.

11 thoughts on “Midweek @ Musings: Favorite Lit Blogs, Part 2 (The British Invasion)

  1. Ooh – thank you so much for the mention – I hope the non-bookish bits of my other blog don’t get too overwhelming! And it’s nice to see mentions of so many of my blogger friends – am in good company! I am sorry that Claire has not yet tempted you with Persephone books – I hope you will weaken soon!

    • I love the non-bookish bits Verity!
      And as for Persephone Books … *sticks fingers in both ears* LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU !!!

  2. Thank you for the mention! I love the fact that we can follow each other, despite our differences in reading taste. I think that people could locate the best books in the world by only reading those that we both fall in love with 😉 I follow all the blogs you mention – great choices 🙂

  3. Oh Laura, aren’t you lovely! Thank you for your wonderfully generous comments! I think exactly the same of you – I always enjoy your reviews and what I love is that our tastes are similar but I often won’t have heard of what you read, so I always find new books that I know I will enjoy through your reviews!

  4. Lovely book blogs, all of them, Laura. There is another book blogger in Edinburgh who is quite wonderful: Cornflower.
    She has split her original blog into two parts as the bookish aspect gained momentum, while the original one continues on with her charming looks at her daily life.

    One of the unlooked for and enormously positive benefits of the whole internet explosion has been the growth of these superb blogs. I used to despair that reading was a dying art but no more, as there is this whole rich community of us out there, vibrant and very much alive.

    • Tui, thank you for the link to Cornflower’s blog as I will definitely check it out. And you are so right about the internet reading community. It’s been such a wonderful addition to and influence on my life!

  5. Aww, thanks! I only discovered *your* blog last week, and I’m enjoying it a lot 🙂 Oh, and you will LOVE Karen and Cornflower, I’m sure – her’s was one of the first blogs I started reading, nearly four years ago.

    • Thanks Simon, glad you’re enjoying my blog and hope to see you here again soon. And we’ll just have to see about those Persephones … 🙂

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