Midweek @ Musings: Shhh … I’m reading!

Woman Reading (Kuroda Seiki)

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Today’s post will be very short.  I’m about 50 pages from finishing A Dance to the Music of Time.  I shared some thoughts about it last week, and this week I’ve found it impossible to tear myself away to think about a blog post.  I’ll be back with a review after I’ve had a chance to gather my thoughts.  Meanwhile, I’ll just leave you with a teaser that closes the second book in this “first movement”:

For reasons not always at the time explicable, there are specific occasions when events begin suddenly to take on a significance previously unsuspected; so that, before we really know where we are, life seems to have begun in earnest at last, and we ourselves, scarcely aware that any change has taken place, are careering uncontrollably down the slippery avenues of eternity.

Don’t you love it when you get totally sucked into a book?