The Sunday Salon: My New Reading Quilt

It’s Father’s Day in the US, and I’m off enjoying the day with my family.

It’s also the fourth anniversary of a very special group of women who met on LibraryThing (read more about us here).  Each year we have a “Solsister” celebration, with a gift exchange that works just like a Secret Santa.  Christmas in June — yay!

My Solsister’s gift arrived a couple of weeks ago.  I like this swirly floral gift wrap:

The envelope warned me of spoilers inside, so I resisted the temptation to open it.  Our official anniversary is today, but I wanted to focus my attentions on Father’s Day.  So on Saturday evening (when, after all, it was already Sunday in Australia!!), I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I unwrapped both packages, and look what I found inside:

The book is The Bird Sisters, by Rebecca Rasmussen, and looks like something I’ll love.  Now see that quilt?  Isn’t it amazingly wonderful?  That was in the larger package!  My solsister, Wendy (aka Caribousmom), is so very talented, and so thoughtful.   And perhaps best of all, she’s making a similar quilt for herself.  As she wrote in her card, “when I sit curled beneath it with a good book, I’ll think of you and imagine you also reading wrapped up in the warmth of your quilt.”  UPDATE: Wendy blogged about the quilt too; read more here.

What a wonderful sentiment.  I’m really touched, and I look forward to many hours of reading wrapped up in my quilt.

Thank you Wendy !!!


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15 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: My New Reading Quilt

  1. WOW, that is just so thoughtful and wonderful. What a loving sentiment for your years of “virtual” friendship! Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. This was such a fun quilt to make on so many levels – the best being that it was for you!!! I am so glad you will enjoy it 🙂 *hugs*

  3. That is a beautiful quilt and was such a special gift to receive. It just shows how books really do bring people together!! Makes me sad to think when I was teaching, my class made me a quilt and spring cleaning I got rid of it. How age changes everything and makes you more appreciative!!

  4. Thanks everyone, for your lovely comments and so many recommendations for The Bird Sisters. I can’t wait to read it! Also, you may want to check out Wendy’s blog — she posted about the quilt as well, with more photos! I’ve added a link to my post.

  5. Wonderful. I’m going to read The Bird Sisters and pay a visit to Wendy’s blog. What a marvelous tradition and fellowship you’ve developed. Another feather in your cap, Laura.

  6. Knowing from long experience how time-consuming quilts are to make, this is a very special gift indeed. And it’s gorgeous, too! Nothing like snuggling under a quilt with a good book.

  7. What a thoughtful and wonderful present! I read The Bird Sisters recently, tis a sweet story of sisterly love and devotion.

    Enjoy both the quilt and the book! 🙂


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