The Sunday Salon: Summer Slowdown?

Summertime, and the living is easy … or, at least it should be.

Lately I’ve been struggling with trying to find the right balance between reading, blogging, family, work, fitness, gardening, housework, etc.  No surprise to anyone, but allocating more time to one of these means less time for others.  Lately I find myself constantly weighing how to spend those precious hours not already devoted to work or sleep. Sometimes I’m worried about giving up time for something I enjoy; at other times I worry about not fulfilling some obligation (usually one of my own creation).  But I’m trying to make some changes, a little bit at a time:

  • Fitness:  this week we re-joined our local YMCA.  We discontinued our membership a few years ago, after the kids outgrew the youth sports and we found ourselves primarily using home exercise equipment.  But now the kids are older, and we’re all looking for variety.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed our first week back at the Y.  My daughter and I went three times.  We used the fitness center twice, and I now have a nice strength program to complement my cardio.  And then we attended a Zumba class, where I behaved like an uncoordinated idiot for an hour but still had fun.
  • Family Time:  rather than dive into a book straight after dinner, I’m trying to diversify my evening activities.  We’ve been catching up on Glee Season 1 (not a particularly intellectual pursuit but relaxing, and something we all enjoy), and my husband and I like doing the New York Times Crossword together.  This is our last summer before daughter #1 goes off to college, and I want to make the most of this precious time.
  • Blogging:  here’s where there may be a knock-on effect.  I’m trying hard to spend less time on the computer.  And sometimes I don’t feel like writing; I can’t focus enough to come up with a great post idea.  This morning I thought the proverbial well had run dry.  But then I started to think about that, and decided I’d write about it.  Et voila, a post is born.

I’m loving my reading this year, even more than previous years.  And I have a great lineup of books ahead, all of which I plan to read and review.  I’ll try to continue bringing you other bookish thoughts, but if I’m not inspired, I won’t force it.  And hopefully this slowdown will help strike a balance that keeps summer living easy.

OK, now I need to allocate time to one of those other leisure activities.  Like my weedy garden.  Enjoy your Sunday!


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21 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Summer Slowdown?

  1. LOL! My family joined our local YMCA last week too! The kids are having a blast swimming in their cool pool, and once they start their respective activities (rock climbing and swimming lessons) this week, I will be heading to the fitness center.

    Enjoy your summer slowdown!

    • Well that’s a funny coincidence Jill! I just hope I can keep up my routine this week — my workout buddy is going away to camp!

  2. Ah, balance – that ever elusive thing! I also struggle with finding the right balance. Like you, I have decided to focus a bit more on exercise these days. I bought a new pair of running shoes and I’ve been going out for a run/walk around the neighborhood with Raven 4 times a week. She loves it, and I am getting to love it!

    • *note to self* buy new running shoes. Mine are really tatty. Nothing like joining a gym to make you realize how frumpy your workout gear is. I love the idea of running with Raven!

  3. I’m struggling to find time to blog too. There always seems to be so much more going on during the summer months. I try to squeeze it in when I can, but I do notice that I write fewer posts during the Summer. I hope that you enjoy your exercise and family time. 🙂

    • Jackie, it’s nice to know I’m not alone. You’re right about there being much more going on in the summer. Perhaps I should just acknowledge that fact — maybe I would deal with it better each year!

  4. Ah, yes, finding that balance. I somehow manage to “forget” about exercise…it’s too hot, I say. But then I recall that it’s nice and cool at my gym.

    I like how you chose to write about the dilemma of what to say. That’s always a good one, I think.


    • Laurel-Rain, I’ve used heat as an excuse not to go jogging but it doesn’t work so well for the gym — ours is nice & cool too. Have a great week!

  5. LOL, balance… So hard to find. I want to blog, read, hike, shoot photos, travel. And my list of books I want to read? It keeps getting longer. Do you think it is possible to find a balance if you want to do all the things you like doing? It’s just impossiblr 😉

    • Jenny, you are so right: it’s impossible! I also think balance isn’t a one time event but something you have to monitor almost constantly.

  6. Great post. This is something I struggle with as well – and I don’t even have kids. I think you did the right thing by taking your frustration and writing about it. It seems like whenever I really go full force in one area the others suffer and I wonder if other people feel the same way or have the same struggle. Sometimes it’s easy to look at the people around me and assume that they know something I don’t or somehow balance everything better. Or I just quickly conclude that I’m not any good at time management (which might be partly true).

    Anyway, thanks for sharing. I hope you enjoy your summer!

    • Thanks for stopping by. It’s actually very helpful to read your comment because at least I know others struggle with the same problem!

  7. What is this “balance” that you speak of? I’m pretty sure there’s none of that in my life, it’s always dreadfully skewed one way or the other. I hate trying to force a post when I don’t have the inspiration, so I’m all for letting the posts come to me when they’re ready. Sure, that means there can be some dry spells, but I suppose it beats a bunch of half-hearted posts that actually *seem* forced.

    I really enjoy being the uncoordinated idiot at Zumba. It definitely makes for a fun workout, and honestly, usually I can find *someone* who looks dumber than me doing Zumba and still feel good about myself, except that person is probably glad I’m there to make *them* look good….hmmm. Hope you have a great summer regardless of what you’re doing with your time!

  8. My husband and I are trying to get back into our walking routine, I’m working on allocating more of my time to reading, and I think my blogging’s about to drop off a bit for very similar reasons to the ones you’ve described – we’re right on the same page (no pun intended)!

  9. After many, many years away from the Y, I too went in last week and revived my membership. I intended to go yesterday as it is the start of the summer season but a friend dropped in from out of town. So hopefully today!

    I really understand about the balance thing. The older I get, however, the more I realise that fitness must move up the list and be one of the top items. The imbalance can happen below that level on the list.

    • Tui, I agree with your point about fitness — that it must remain at the top of the list. I certainly feel the negative effects when I let it go.

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