Midweek @ Musings: Pumpkin’s Picks for Orange July

It’s almost time for Orange July, the annual reading event devoted to reading at least one book that has won or been nominated for the Orange Prize for Fiction.  I had a great time during Orange January, reading 4 nominees, and ever since the 2011 Orange Prize announcement I’ve been fine-tuning my July reading list.  And this time I also have a mascot!

Meet Pumpkin:

Seven years ago we were staying in temporary housing, waiting for our house to be built.  About a week before moving day, a sweet cat turned up on our porch.  We put signs up everywhere, but no one claimed him.  We couldn’t just leave him there, so we packed him up with the rest of the menagerie, and brought him to our new house.  It took him a while to adjust; he spent years in that typical cat state somewhere between timid and aloof.  But recently he decided I am his favorite human.  He likes to hang out in my reading chair, and crawls into my lap when I sit down.  So this year, as I was choosing my Orange July reads, I asked Pumpkin for his opinion.  After all, he’s orange.

Pumpkin and I plan to read:

  • The Tiger’s Wife, by Téa Obreht (2011 winner)
  • The Memory of Love, by Aminatta Forna (2011 shortlist)
  • Great House, by Nicole Krauss (2011 shortlist)
  • Molly Fox’s Birthday, by Deirdre Madden (2009 shortlist)
  • The White Family, by Maggie Gee (2002 shortlist)

Pumpkin specifically recommends The Tiger’s Wife (because it’s about a cat, right?), and Great House (because the cover is very orangey).  As you can see, he’s not exactly an expert in literature.  But I’ll be sure to share more of his commentary during Orange July!


14 thoughts on “Midweek @ Musings: Pumpkin’s Picks for Orange July

  1. I’m joining in for the first time this year: I’m quite looking forwad to it! Haven’t read any of the ones on your list, though, I did read Forna’s debut.

    • Linda, normally he is quite docile but there are certain situations where he should not be messed with. For example, if you are a dog, or a vet.

  2. LOL – never argue with a cat! I’ll be reading The Tiger’s Wife as well – and I am looking forward to discussing it with you, Laura (and if Pumpkin wants to chime in, all the better!)

    • Wendy, my library just sent notice that The Tiger’s Wife is ready for pickup! I’ll be reading The Memory of Love first though. Looking forward to comparing notes!

  3. I have so many longlisted 2011 books waiting on my shelves that I feel I need to participate in Orange July. Now I just need to find the time.

  4. That’s a great list. I’m hoping Aminatta Forna’s book, that I have on order at the library turns up soon and I’m somewhere in the middle of The Invisible Bridge too.

    Briar, being descended from wolves, would of course recommend Wolf Hall!

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