Midweek @ Musings: Pumpkin’s Progress, Orange July Week 1

Hello, I’m Pumpkin.  You met me last week, remember?  I’m Laura’s Orange July mascot.  Usually she puts this dopey bird at the top of her posts, but I’m taking center stage for the next few weeks, bringing you progress reports on the annual reading event devoted to reading at least one book that has won or been nominated for the Orange Prize for Fiction.

Laura’s been reading The Memory of Love since Friday.  She likes it.  She doesn’t know this, but I’ve heard her talking to herself about it maybe being a 5-star book.  I know that doesn’t happen very often, and being a cat I’m naturally curious.  I’d like to get a closer look, but every time I turn around she has that book in her lap.  This leaves very little room for me, and that’s making me a bit cranky.  Right after she took this picture, I snuck a peek but all I could see was that she’s read more than 300 pages.  Well, at least that means I can reclaim her lap soon.

Next week I hope to chat with you about one of my picks for Orange July, The Tiger’s Wife.  If you’d like to chat about Orange July with some humans, be sure to check out the Orange January/July groups on Facebook and LibraryThing!

Hey, how did that bird get in here? 

24 thoughts on “Midweek @ Musings: Pumpkin’s Progress, Orange July Week 1

  1. Well, Pumpkin, it’s wonderful to hear from you. Have you ever tried slapping your paw down on Laura’s page while she tries to read? That’s a trick from my feline, Cosmo. It does a great job getting the human’s attention.

    Look forward to Laura’s reviews of The Memory of Love!

  2. I know you have excellent taste in humans, Pumpkin. It seems your literary tastes may be worth paying attention to as well. I saw your twin trotting down the road in front of my house this morning, but when I tried to talk to him/her about being MY Orange mascot, he/she slithered into the weeds and underbrush and disappeared. I was quite disappointed, but my dog said it was for the best. *sigh* Hope you get to read The Tiger’s Wife without too much interference.

    • Linda, I’m sorry my twin was so elusive, but if your dog was with you, I completely understand why ! Hissssssss (aimed at dogs in general).

  3. Well, Pumpkin, it is sure nice to get a cat’s opinion on things…and I hope you are right about Laura thinking this may be a five star review because this book is waiting for me to read. I hope you get your lap back soon – but don’t count on it, The Tiger’s Wife may reel her in too!

    • Purrrr … Wendy, at least The Tiger’s Wife is a smaller book so there might be room for me to sit on her lap and read along.

  4. Pumpkin, thanks for telling me how much Laura’s liking The Memory of Love. I’m hoping to start it this weekend, and I hope I tell myself how good it is.

  5. You fail to mention that on Pumpkin’s file at the Vet’s office it says “Is aggressive and will attack.” Oh, and he peed on the Vet — proving that he’ll use all means at his disposal to express his anger when riled.

    • Sir, this so-called aggression is only demonstrated under certain circumstances, specifically when someone ten times my size is palpitating my internal organs. I challenge you not to react in a similar fashion! I swish my tail in your general direction … meow.

  6. Pumpkin – you have my full support re: beings 10x one’s size palpating internal organs. I had to bite one of them when they stuck a sharp object into me. Now I give them due warning by growling as low and long as possible whenever my mom takes me there. Trust me, they think twice before touching me. All my love, Gizmo

  7. Well Pumpkin, if you don’t mind taking advice from me, Liza, a D-O-G, I find it works really well to poke my nose under Terri’s book and then do a quick head lift – sometimes I can knock a book right out of her hands! WOL! (woof out loud). I even did it with her laptop once! Of course, I get more leverage with my long nose, but you cats are pretty adept at the head butts, so I’m sure you could work it out.

    I’m telling you, we have to keep these humans in line – they actually think reading is more important than we are sometimes. Sheesh.

    • Hey Terri, I like that phrase, “WOL” but I guess for me it would be “MOL” ! I’m pretty good at getting all over Laura’s laptop too so I guess I should try that with her books. Thanks, for a dog, you rock!

  8. Laura, I finally started Testament of Youth, and it is so wonderful! I’m not given to crying when I read, but I’ve already encountered some passages that brought me to my knees a bit. When she describes her brother’s eyebrows that her son has? I had to put the book down for a mintue….Thanks again for the recommendation!

    • Jo, I’m so glad you’re finding Testament of Youth a powerful read. It’s really nice of you to stop by and tell me so! Have you read any Winifred Holtby? She was a dear friend of Vera’s (featured in ToY) and wrote some outstanding fiction before dying in her 30s.. Her best work is South Riding. Completely different from the Brittain, but another book I heartily recommend (and you can find my review by searching the blog).

  9. Laura, I just have to gush some more about Testament of Youth. Thank you, thank you, thank you again for this recommendation! It’s definitely a new favorite!!

      • Have you read anything else by Brittain? I’m interested in her collection of poetry and prose from the war. Also, any other particularly good literature that deals with WWI? I’ve always been fascinated by WWII and only recently wanted to read more about WWI. Thanks!

        P.S. Did you watch Downton Abbey when it was on PBS? I keep thinking of it as I’m reading; you should check it out if you haven’t!

      • I haven’t read any of Brittain’s other work (yet). I’m no expert on WWI literature, but I have read a bit here and there. I liked Pat Barker’s Regeneration trilogy, and I plan to read All Quiet on the Western Front this autumn.

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