Midweek @ Musings: Pumpkin’s Progress, Orange July Week 2

Hi again everybody!  I had so much fun cat-chatting with all of you last week.  I meowed really loudly at Laura to show my appreciation, and I rubbed my flank up against her leg, which is my way of saying, “more please.”  She understood me completely, and invited me back for another “Pumpkin’s Progress” post.  And don’t I look handsome curled up on the Star Friendship Quilt with Laura’s latest Orange July reads?  Purrr …

So, last night Laura finished The Tiger’s Wife.  This was one of my picks for Orange July, because I thought it would be about a tiger.  Or at least about his wife.  Which it kind of was.  But not really.  And for a while there, Laura seemed less than happy with it.  She’d read a bit, and then quickly get distracted by a Phillies baseball game, or the Tour de France.  That wasn’t all bad, because it freed up her lap for me!  But when she’s unhappy about a book she gets kind of crabby, and that’s no fun for either of us.  Well I don’t know what happened, but suddenly the book seemed to grab her attention.  That’s usually a good sign, but I guess we’ll have to wait for her review to learn more.

Next up is The White Family.   This book was shortlisted for the Orange Prize in 2002.  I copied Amazon’s book description for you (admit it, you’re impressed a cat can do that!):

This ambitious, groundbreaking novel takes on the taboo subject of racial hatred as it looks for the roots of violence within the family and within British society. The Whites are an ordinary British family. Alfred White, a London park keeper, still rules his home with fierce conviction and inarticulate tenderness. May, his clever, passive wife loves Alfred but conspires against him. Their three children are no longer close; the elder son has left for America and the youngest son is a virulent racist. The daughter is involved in an interracial relationship with a black social worker. When the father’s sudden illness forces the children to come together, their deep fears and prejudices come to the surface, raising issues about kinship, trust, and hatred. Maggie Gee expertly illustrates the tensions and prevailing social problems of modern day England in this fascinating novel.

Well it doesn’t look like any cats appear in this book but it does look interesting and, like many Orangey books, pretty intense.  I hope she likes it!

That’s all for this week.  Check out the Orange January/July groups on Facebook and LibraryThing for more Orangey chat!

12 thoughts on “Midweek @ Musings: Pumpkin’s Progress, Orange July Week 2

  1. I hope you enjoy the White family – it’s wonderful – I love Maggie Gee’s books – the stories are so good, and the writing hugely compelling.

  2. Hello Pumpkin! You look lovely in your photo! Sometimes, Orange books are a boom and others are a bust. Thankfully, there are a lot of books to choose from. The Orange Prize lists have nine lives, in a way – just like you!

  3. You’re a peach, Pumpkin. Thanks for bringing us up to date on Laura’s reading. BTW, I’m never surprised at anything a cat can do!

  4. Well, Pumpkin, you certainly DO look handsome on that quilt (and I think the orange fabrics perfectly complement your luscious coat!). I’m glad to hear that Laura eventually got hooked on The Tiger’s Wife…it grabbed me from page one, so I thought for sure she would love it – I hope I’m not wrong!!!

    • Well Wendy, you’d better check out Laura’s review, which she posted later today. And thank you for appreciating my luscious coat!

  5. Pumpkin, you look smashing on that beautiful quilt, it makes your orange really POP.

    Tell Laura that I’ll be reading The White Family too, starting this week. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll have Liza to contend with, sharing my lap and all, but she’s pretty good about snuggling down in the valley between my legs (like she is right now) so my lap space is freed up. Great for a dog, but I don’t think you’d like it much. Sometimes she sits on my shoulders, which seems more your style! Anyway, enjoy your week, and don’t go chasing any birds!

  6. You look great on that quilt – some talented quilter was certainly involved, but I take exception at being impressed with your copy-paste skills. Really Pumpkin, it’s just two keys – control C, and you have two front paws. I would expect all cats could manage that.

    I bet you liked Roy Halliday better when he was a Jay, as he would have sounded like lunch!

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