Midweek @ Musings: Pumpkin’s Progress, Orange July Week 3

Meow!  Welcome to another of my weekly Orange July updates.  I have to say I was rather disappointed in Laura’s review of The Tiger’s Wife.  She really misled me on that one, making me think she liked it and all that.  And how could she not like a book with a cat in it?  Sigh.  I’m glad she enjoyed The White Family though — read her review here.  As I predicted, it was intense but it really held her interest.  I’m afraid I can’t say much more about the book.  I was too busy keeping the dogs away from Laura, and therefore away from me.  I have an exceptional talent for making myself seem very large, hissing loudly, and bopping them (the dogs, that is) on the nose.

And now Laura is reading her fourth book for Orange July.  Four books already!   Can you believe it?!   She’s off work this week, which leaves more time for reading (and more time for me to sit in her lap … purrrr … ).  Laura’s current read is Molly Fox’s Birthday, but I haven’t been able to tell what she thinks of it.  Hey, I’m a cat, not a mind-reader!  You’ll just have to come back in a few days when she posts a review.  And I have a very clever idea for next week’s post, so I hope you’ll visit then, too!

Are you reading anything Orange?  Leave me a comment and I’ll purr back at ya. And be sure to check out the Orange January/July groups on Facebook and LibraryThing for more Orangey chat!

7 thoughts on “Midweek @ Musings: Pumpkin’s Progress, Orange July Week 3

  1. Hello Pumpkin! You look very regal next to Laura’s latest Orange July book. I read Molly Fox’s Birthday last year and really liked it. So, I hope Laura likes it too.

    I bet you are a professional at keeping those canines away. My cat, Cosmo, is too. My other cat, Olie, is very scared of the dog – though Emma would never hurt him. She just likes to play!

    I hope you enjoy some QT with Laura! Look forward to next week’s post!

    Jill =)

    • Jill, I take great pride in my ability to fend off Woody, the most annoying dog on the planet. The other cats in this family are wimps!

  2. I wish Wendy would spend more time at home reading (she seems to be working all the time these days!) because I really miss hanging out with her…she’s moving a little slower with the Orange books than Laura is..

    By the way, I think you are rather handsome, big guy. Do you like slinky, tri-colored girls?

    Love, Gizmo

  3. p.s. bopping the dog on the nose does not seem to mean a whole lot to Raven, my annoying dog. She responds better to growls, hisses, and sharp claws.

    …the Giz

    • Giz, I agree, the bop is not effective on its own. I usually hiss and growl, too. My only problem is that I don’t have front claws because a previous owner had them removed. 😦

  4. Dear Pumpkin,
    I regret that I missed this year’s Orange July, as I’m sure that you purring back at me would have been memorable indeed.
    BIP, not entirely purr-less but lacking Pumpkin-purrs

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