Midweek @ Musings: Pumpkin’s Orange Pause

Cats don’t generally understand puns, let alone create them.  So I have to say I’m quite proud of the very clever title for this post!

When Laura decided to take a short break from reading Orange Prize nominees, I was a little upset, because I’ve had so much fun writing my Orange July posts.  But I said to myself, well, it’s just a little pause … and then it hit me.  An Orange Pause!  And I have orange paws!  And I have just the photo to prove it.  MOL (meow out loud) 😆 !

So, yeah.  I’m a smart cat.

Meanwhile, since last week’s post, Laura read and reviewed Molly Fox’s Birthday.  And then she decided all this Orange intensity was getting to be a bit much, and went off to read a mystery (All Mortal Flesh, by Julia Spencer-Fleming).  And then … well, I don’t really know what happened next because the next thing I knew, Laura was on vacation!  Without me!  😥  I know she has Great House on her Kindle, and she also packed a Virago Modern Classic (green, not orange, so not really my thing …).

I’m sure she’ll have book reviews and more to share when she returns.  And I’m composing an Orange July wrap-up post for your reading pleasure!

Until then, visit the Orange January/July groups on Facebook and LibraryThing for more Orangey chat!

6 thoughts on “Midweek @ Musings: Pumpkin’s Orange Pause

  1. Oh yes, Pumpkin, you are a smart kitty! =) I am sure you’ll be glad when Laura gets home. In the meantime, here’s a virtual pet and a scratch under the chin!

    • Terri, this comment went into the spam queue and poor old Pumpkin didn’t know how to approve it. But he’s very glad you liked his post!

  2. Aths…I’m afraid that you might get your Pumpkin fan-club button revoked. A MOL (meow-out-loud) is the only appropriate response here. (And, yes, I might be sucking up a little because I don’t have another way to ingratiate myself with the furry blog-sitter, as I didn’t read a single Orange book in July!)

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