The Sunday Salon: Pumpkin’s Orange Wrap

I know what you’re thinking.  After Wednesday’s Orange Pause, you’re expecting another pun:  a rap to wrap up Orange July.  Sorry. I may be a smart, talented cat but unfortunately I’m not that talented.  I found this video though:

Shocking, isn’t it?  I’m glad Laura didn’t have any wild ideas about wrapping me up for Orange July !!

So anyway, in the above photo above I was admiring Laura’s Orange July book stack.  I’m really proud of her for reading 5 Orange Prize nominees this month! Let’s take a closer look, shall we?  (For an even larger view, click on the photo below).

Reading from the bottom up (yes, I can read, thank you very much!!), Laura read:

The links will take you to reviews, except for Great House.  Laura read that one while on vacation and hasn’t posted the review yet (pssst!  Laura!  Nudge, nudge …)

But Orange July wasn’t just about Laura.  There were so many participants!  The interwebs were all abuzz with Orangey chatter, in both the Facebook and LibraryThing groups.  Our wonderful host, Jill @ The Magic Lasso, sponsored tons of book giveaways and generally kept the party going.  And then there was my part, which if you ask me was best of all.  Laura let me write a post every single week and while I know I usually didn’t have much to say, you have to admit I look good on camera:

Now I can’t wait for Orange January !


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10 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Pumpkin’s Orange Wrap

  1. Pumpkin’s a beauty and my large orange cat, Bob is eyein Pumpkin…he really likes Pumpkin’s taste in books!

    Molly Fox’s Birthday and The Memory Palace are books I’m very interested in reading so I’m happy Laura enjoyed them so much!

  2. Pumpkin, it has been a real pleasure sharing Orange July with you. I hope you’ll keep your enthusiasm for it into January, when we all turn Orange again. Now, take it easy on the dogs, will you?

    • Why thank you LW3. I hope I can convince Laura to bring me back in January. I will give her lots of affection and be on my best behavior!

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