Midweek @ Musings: Where do you go for Literary News?

I realize I’m a little behind the times on this, but I just started listening to podcasts on my iPhone.  It started when a LibraryThing member recommended a podcast about Vera Brittain’s daughter, Shirley Williams, part of BBC Radio 4’s series, “The House I Grew up In” (which was excellent, by the way).  This started me searching for podcasts on books and literature, and I reconnected with Books on the Nightstand, which I’d listened to ages ago but somehow lost track of.   And this, in turn, got me thinking:  where do I go for literary news?

Book bloggers happily flood my Google Reader every day (refer to the sidebar for links to my favorites).  Beyond the blogosphere, I rely primarily on these three sources:

  • The Guardian Books:  The books section of this British newspaper is chock full of reviews, author interviews, and news about literary prizes.  I follow this site via RSS, but I also really like the site design and, given unlimited free time, I could happily browse here.
  • The Book BenchThe New Yorker‘s book blog is kind of eclectic.  Sure, they have book reviews but they also post general book news, lighter fare (“ideas we like”), and heavy stuff (“ask an academic”.    I like the variety.
  • The New York Times Book Review:  The Sunday New York Times is the only newspaper delivered to our home, and one of my favorite rituals is reading the Book Review over my Sunday morning coffee.  Their reviews are heavily biased towards non-fiction and male authors, but for some reason I still find it interesting and relevant.

I’m pretty happy with these, and I only have so many hours in a day, but I can’t help wondering whether I’m missing something really good.  It might be a podcast, a blog, a website, or even something in print (!!)  Please — tell me about it!

Where do you go for literary news?


11 thoughts on “Midweek @ Musings: Where do you go for Literary News?

  1. I really like NPR’s books coverage. I subscribe to their books website’s RSS feed, but I often just browse. I especially like that they sometimes do features about older books (3 Books, or You Must Read This). Their books podcast, which basically collects their various stories from the week is sometimes a good listen as well.

    • Teresa, your comment reminded me that I do subscribe to NPR Books on Facebook. But I like the idea of podcast. I occasionally listen to 3 Books or You Must Read This on my commute, but a podcast would help me catch those I missed.

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  3. Two of my favourites are CBC’s Writers & Company (available here) and BBC’s World Book Club (available here. I follow the ones you’ve mentioned, too, and quite like them as well. What makes these two different? I will occasionally skip other podcasts — if there are a lot to choose from — when I don’t recognize an author’s name, but these BBC and CBC programs always end up interesting me, even when I don’t have a clue who the author is when I see their name listed. Brutal for TBR lists though!

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