The Sunday Salon: Shout out to my Frequent Commenters

Whew.  It seems the rain has finally moved on.  First we had Hurricane Irene, and then this past week the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee.  Southeastern Pennsylvania had a great deal of rain, and there was flooding in parts.  Thankfully our home was spared any damage.  And I was able to enjoy a really fine Virago Modern Classic, Molly Keane’s Two Days in Aragon.  Look for my review soon.

This week also brought us the 2011 Booker Prize shortlist.  I love following this prize, but the surprise selections —  and omissions — were blogged about ad nauseum so I don’t really have much to add.  Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to the prize announcement in October, and hope to read the winner in November.

On the blogging front, I made a fun discovery:  I now know who makes the most comments on this blog!  WordPress rolled out a new feature that shows the most frequent commenters from the past 3 months:

I thought it was a little weird that my own comments top this list, since they are all responses to other comments, but how is WordPress to know that?  All of the other names are familiar friends, many are fellow book bloggers, and our book chat is what keeps me going here.  Thank you Jackie, Jill, Laurel-Rain, Tui, BIP, Wendy, Rachel, Annie, Wendy, and Jo!

It was almost as much fun to see the list of posts we chatted about the most:

This list was a real trip down memory lane — some of these posts go back quite a while!  Sorry I can’t make each post clickable, but I s’pose if you’re interested you can use the search box.  I remember that post about the Pulitzer Prize well — and sadly, despite all the encouragement I received, I haven’t read another Pulitzer winner yet.  On the other hand, my “Where have all the Men Gone” post generated some excellent reading recommendations, several of which I plan to read before the year is out.  And finally, I’m  amused once again at how much people can enjoy “interacting” with my cat, Pumpkin!

So thanks to everyone who comments here, even if your name isn’t on the “most frequent” list.  Your visits make blogging worthwhile!  Have a great week, and enjoy your reading.


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21 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Shout out to my Frequent Commenters

  1. Now that I’ve figured out how to stay logged in, I will try to comment more! Looking forward to your Molly Keane review – I have one of hers but haven’t read it yet.

  2. WordPress really has some great stats! I enjoy your blog so much, and I am not surprised to see my name on the top commenters list because I can never refrain from commenting! =) Enjoy your Sunday!

    • Jill, I love your comments! I have secretly nicknamed you “Quickdraw McGraw” because not only do you comment frequently, but you are nearly always first! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Robyn! Blogger has really improved their stats over the past year or so, so perhaps they will add commenter stats soon.

  3. Weird how it separated my comments out into two different people!!! So actually I’ve left 31 comments – but WordPress doesn’t acknowledge me as one person LOL!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Wendy, that really IS weird. And for what it’s worth, since you posted today’s comment WordPress now shows “Caribousmom” with 17 and “Wendy” further down. So I think you just have a split personality on WordPress!

      • Ha ha – so it is acknowledging all the disparate aspects of my personality – love it 🙂 And just to keep it interesting, I’m signing this comment as “wendy” 🙂

    • Debbie, I’m surprised I didn’t see your name on my list but I know you are out there! Thanks for visiting and I hope your cold goes away soon!

  4. My frequent commenting just shows how interesting I find your blog. 🙂

    I haven’t noticed the new commenter feature yet. Wonder if it is available for self-hosted sites? *heads off to check*

  5. Well, as you know, I actually manually counted my comments last year to find that you were one of the people who had the most to say to me ::grin::

    …so you can imagine how excited I was to hear this news you have about this feature…but it doesn’t seem to be available to me after all. I’ll have to keep my pencil sharpened.

    Though, now that I think about it, I wonder that you don’t question its accuracy. Surely Pumpkin’s posts should be clumped at the very top of that ranking…

    • BIP, I’m sorry this feature isn’t available to you yet. Hopefully soon! And I’m glad only one of Pumpkin’s posts reached the top. He’s a rather arrogant sort and I don’t need his head to get any bigger, thank you very much!

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