Midweek @ Musings: Favorite Lit Blogs (BBAW Edition)

This week is Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW).  I knew this for a fact about two months ago, swore I’d take part, and didn’t spend any more time thinking about it because I had BBAW in my Google Reader so I knew I would stay informed.  Except just yesterday — BBAW Day 2 — I realized my RSS feed was wrong and I hadn’t received a single update the entire year.  So I didn’t nominate any blogs, I didn’t vote for any blogs, I didn’t interview a blogger, and I didn’t even know about the BBAW Daily Topics (until, of course, my Google Reader was flooded with everyone else’s posts … sigh).

So.  Here I am, making up for lost time.  Coincidentally, I also recently realized it’s been a long time since I shared some of my favorite book blogs.  There’s no better time to do so than Book Blogger Appreciation Week!  Think of this post as a mashup of the BBAW Daily Topics … sort of.  Be sure to check out these blogs — you’ll soon be adding them to your Google Reader!

  • A Striped Armchair: When I read Eva’s posts, I feel like I’m talking to a friend. She’s so engaging, and she is a really prolific reader. I enjoy her short “snippets” on books just as much as her in-depth reviews.
  • Buried in Print:  This blog is chock-a-block with women authors (which I read a lot) and Canadian lit (which I should read more of).  BIP’s reviews of 2011 Orange Prize nominees helped me select my reads for Orange July.  And now she’s piqued my interest in the Giller Prize (and I do love my literary prizes)!
  • Iris on Books:  Iris is a delightful Dutch blogger who reads a lot of classics and feminist literature.  She has a way with the English language that I truly admire.  And I love when she shares details of her day-to-day life — school, holidays, and so forth.
  • My Porch:  Thomas is an Anglophile classics reader who also blogs about art, travel, and books he sees people reading on the subway.  And he has a really cute dog.
  • nomadreader:  Carrie is another literary prize aficionado, and we have similar taste in books.  When I’m not sure whether to invest time reading a particular book, I look for Carrie’s reviews to light the way.
  • Roses over a Cottage Door: I “met” Darlene during Virago Reading Week, when she gained fame throughout the blogosphere for her post, Deacon’s Virago Adventure.  (Go on, click.  You won’t regret it!)  Since then I’ve found a kindred Virago spirit in Darlene, who like me adores Winifred Holtby’s South Riding, the work of Elizabeth Taylor, and a host of other Virago authors.
  • The 3 R’s Blog:  Florinda reads more recently published fiction than I do, and I enjoy her take on new(ish) releases.  One of these days I’ll get around to reading them!  Besides writing a fabulous book blog, she’s an ace at Words with Friends.
  • The Boston Bibliophile: I’ve followed Marie’s blog ever since she joined The Complete Booker a few years ago.  She’s currently tempting me with her Europa Challenge, which I may have to succumb to next year.

So there you have it:  eight book bloggers who build community and influence my reading choices every single day.

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Enjoy the rest of BBAW!

19 thoughts on “Midweek @ Musings: Favorite Lit Blogs (BBAW Edition)

  1. That photo of Deacon still gives me the giggles whenever I see it. Oh how I will miss that little monkey while I am away in London.

    Before discovering book blogs I would wander bookstores and scan shelves hoping to find just the right book. Despite working in a library, its mainstream collection just didn’t speak to me. Thank goodness I found a community that has helped me discover what I’ve been searching for. Once The Heiress settles into her residence in Canterbury I look forward to getting back to regular posts and supporting my favourite hosts!

    I can’t wait for another Virago Reading Week!

    • Darlene, I know what you mean about wandering in bookstores. I don’t do that at all anymore. I get so many suggestions from blogs and LibraryThing, not to mention the more than 100 unread Viragos on my shelves (ahem). When I go to a bookstore now it’s usually with a specific book in mind.

      Enjoy your trip to London!

  2. Ha! What a surprise, five of the eight you mention are already on my radar!!! I will need to go check out the other three.

    Sorry you missed all the BBAW whirlwind, lead up info 😦 But, you’re here now!!!

  3. You have shared a wonderful list of logs – I follow all of them! I know what you mean about not receiving feeds from BBAW. I had that issue earler, until I realized that the BBAW website has changed.

  4. I hate it when I have the wrong feed subscription! Thanks for including me on your list: I feel honoured to be in such wonderful company! I love your blog as well: you give me so many ideas for women novelists to check out. 😀 And you inspired me to join in the Orange July fun over on LT! I’m off to look at the one blog you listed that I haven’t heard of. 😉 Happy BBAW! (I think I used up more than my allotted quota of exclamation points in this comment…sorry about that. lol)

    • Aw, thanks Eva! I didn’t realize I was your inspiration for joining OJ on LT … yay! I’ve really enjoyed your contribution to those discussions and hope you’ll also be around for Orange January!

  5. I had to update my BBAW feed subscription about a month ago when I started to worry about missing news from them – they totally re-did (and improved, IMO) the site. Glad you’re catching up, and thank you so much for mentioning me!

    And if you think I’m an ace at Words With Friends, you should meet – or stay FAR away from – some of the other people I have games with :-D!

    • Florinda, I agree the new BBAW site is really nice. And I think I’ll stay away from your other WWF competitors … you are formidable enough, thank you. 🙂

  6. Thanks for including me! It’s nice to be in such good company. I’m sorry you missed out on the BBAW news. I believe the RSS feed changed this year, and I happened to catch something on Twitter alerting me to the change. I’m glad you’re still jumping in and hope you’ll be able to fully participate next year!

  7. Thanks for including me in such fine company, Laura…and thanks for adding a couple new stops for my Reader too. Glad to have piqued your interest in the Giller…I can see a couple of titles on there that I think you might enjoy, but more about that when it’s more than just a hunch.:)

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