The Sunday Salon: Anyone else thinking about 2012 yet?

This week I was perusing some threads on LibraryThing, and came across yet another recommendation for C.J. Sansom’s Shardlake series of Tudor mysteries.  This was probably the third such recommendation, which was enough to land it on my TBR list.  I know I won’t be able to read it this year, just as I’m unlikely to fit in the last two mega-volumes of Anthony Powell’s Dance to the Music of Time.  Suddenly I found myself with “three things I want to read soon but not this year.”  And that can mean only one thing:  a new list, and an early start to my 2012 reading record. One thing led to another, and I found myself thinking just a teensy bit more about next year’s reading.

I remember some bloggers attempting to read only from their TBR piles for the entire first quarter of 2011.  I was thinking of doing something similar, but not as draconian.  Maybe half of my first quarter reads?  Or two-thirds?  Well, whatever the goal, I feel like I need to substantially reduce my stacks.  And if there are books I’ve had more than three years and haven’t read, maybe it’s time for a cull.  A quick and easy way to absolve TBR guilt!

This week I also had a bit of fun trying out Amazon’s new Kindle book lending at my local library (nomadreader wrote a great post about how Kindle lending works).  It was difficult to find books I want to read between now and year end, but I finally found one: Danielle Evans’ Before you Suffocate your own Fool Self.  The truth is, I already own this book!  But I downloaded it to my Kindle anyway, just to see how the eBook lending process works.  It was easy as pie!  I’m excited about the possibilities here, and hopefully the choice will continue to grow.

On Saturday I finished Kathleen Winter’s Annabel (I hope to post a review later today).  I also listened to several hours of BBC Radio4’s Life and Fate (read my early thoughts here).  What are you reading?


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17 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Anyone else thinking about 2012 yet?

  1. I started my blog Curl up and Read as a way to track my journey through my TBR stacks…and it has been helpful. But I still have books on the stacks.

    My problem, of course, is that I keep adding new books.

    I have compartmentalized this nicely in my mind by referring to my “Old TBRs” and my “New TBRs.” The old stacks have diminished by 100 books since I started the blog in 2009. Not too impressive until you notice that I’ve been reading regularly from the new stacks, too.

    Unfortunately, sometimes I buy a book that I already have because I forgot I had it! Sad….


    • L-R, I also have “old” and “new” TBRs. Anything acquired before the previous calendar year is “old” (so right now, that’s books acquired in 2009 or earlier). I feel less guilty about the newer ones, but I’m also more inclined to read them 🙂

  2. Ha! I have also been thinking about 2012 reading!!! I need to reduce my stacks in 2012, but what that will mean is that I have to get really good at saying “no” to all these review books. I’ve been doing better with that, but I need to get even more fierce. I am so glad I am not doing all the challenges, and I will most likely cut back on that even more.

  3. I am definitely thinking about next year! My reading preferences have changed considerably and I’m going to stick to my guns about it – I will read what I like and will not put myself through the agony and defeat of books that I inherently know that I will not like. If it’s not in the category I prefer, why torture myself?

    • Natalie, thanks for stopping by! You’re right, reading should NOT be torture! I used to do a lot of reading challenges but even when I liked the books, it all began to feel too rigid after a while. I’m enjoying reading what I want, when I want to read it, but I still *try* to read those books I acquired ages ago rather than always getting something new. The problem is, there’s just too much I want to read!

  4. I’ve been pondering another TBR Dare for 2012. It was good for me, and I’ve let my books start to overflow the bookcase again, so I need to do something.

    I’ve gotten pretty good at saying no to print review copies, but the e-galleys are irresistible. And if I read all those, I never get around to the piles on my TBR. Sigh.

      • I’ve had lots of “meh” ARCS as well, but also some excellent ones. The e-galleys are tough because the publishers actually offer books I’ve been looking forward to on Netgalley.

  5. I’m already thinking about 2012 reading! I’m not sure what parameters I’ll use, but I’m working on a list of authors I adore (or have been meaning to read for far too long) and ensuring I make serious progress on their backlists. I get so caught up in the prizes and new releases, and I need something to balance it out. I also enjoy reading on a whim, so I’m curious where my goals will end up.

    • Carrie, I like that idea of focusing on author backlists. I’ve been doing that with Iris Murdoch this year, and next year it will be Elizabeth Taylor, since it’s the 100th anniversary of her birth.

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