The Sunday Salon: “Culling” my Wish List

Last week I was lucky enough to “win” $100 in Barnes & Noble gift cards in my company’s United Way auction.  I spent them 20 different ways in my head, and once I had them in my hands I quickly disposed of one of them.  I used this as an opportunity to “cull” my wish list (recognizing that a shorter wishlist only means a larger TBR pile, but no matter …).  I keep a short wishlist on LibraryThing, made up of very special books that I absolutely must have someday.  And now my wish list is 4 books shorter, and said books are winding their way towards my mailbox.  Here’s the loot:

  • Started Early, Took my Dog:  This book landed on my wish list because I’ve really enjoyed Kate Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie series.  Typically I would just wait for it in paperback, but I decided I couldn’t.  So this was mostly an impulse buy, but I’m happy with it.
  • The Sense of an Ending: This is nominated for the 2011 Booker Prize, and I’ve read so many excellent reviews.  Tony @ Messenger’s Booker strongly recommended owning a copyHere is a real live advertisement for the paper book, beautiful black bordered paper, neat size that is so easy to hold, almost diary like in its feel and size. Sorry Kindle fans, this is one you really need to have in the old fashioned book style.  So of course, I had to buy it.  🙂
  • The Other Elizabeth Taylor: Way back in May, Darlene @ Roses Over a Cottage Door brought this book to my attention.  And since 2012 will be the centenary of Elizabeth Taylor’s birth, I have all sorts of fun Taylor reading planned.  Darlene’s review warned me that the book gives away endings of as-yet-unread novels, so that might influence my reading sequence and pace.  Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to learning more about this little-known author.
  • So Long, See You Tomorrow:  Also in May, Rachel @ Booksnob wrote an amazing review of this book, calling it “astonishingly beautiful.”  I’ve learned that when Rachel loves a book, I need to sit up and take notice.  Since then I’ve seen the author, William Maxwell, mentioned by other bloggers (including dovegreyreader and Simon @ Stuck in a Book), and I know I’m about to discover something wonderful.

I can’t wait to open up a package and find these:

Have you acquired any books you’re excited about?


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8 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: “Culling” my Wish List

    • I didn’t realize you were an Elizabeth Taylor fan! She’s sort of obscure but I’ve loved all her books so far. Have a great week!

    • Good to know you loved it, Carrie, that’s a good sign for me. I almost bought it for my Kindle except 1) couldn’t use my B&N gift card for that, and 2) Tony’s blog post (linked above) so strongly recommended owning the physical book. I just *had* to do it!

  1. Did I read that right, to say that you still have one of the cards left to spend?! And, oh, I might have acquired something I’m excited about. Though I most definitely should not have. No, definitely not. I’m absolutely, completely, wholly, without-a-doubt certain that I haven’t even touched a book from the last stack that followed me home, so if I did acquire something since, I shouldn’t say so.

    • BIP, you read that correctly. At the time I thought I’d save it for a rainy day, or possibly Christmas. But you read my “Persephone” post so you might guess what’s going through my head now … 🙂

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