The Sunday Salon: Can I Squeeze in all of these Before Year End?

Welcome to an “early winter” edition of The Sunday Salon.  It’s not even Hallowe’en yet, but we had a bit of snow in southeastern Pennsylvania yesterday.  It wasn’t all that threatening, but it was enough to keep me inside, curled up in a blanket with my dogs and a mug of tea.  I was between books, having finished Iris Murdoch’s The Book and the Brotherhood on Friday.  It was pretty good, although not my favorite Murdoch.  I’ll post a review later today, and be back with a retrospective on my Iris Murdoch project later in the week.

So back to me, curled up in my blanket.  With too much time on my hands, I started thinking about how close we are to the end of the year, and how many books I want to read in such a short period.  To start with, there’s When we Were Bad and Scottsboro, two Orange Prize nominees I picked up at the library this week.  So of course I’ll read them next.  My other “must-reads” are this year’s Booker Prize winner,  The Sense of an Ending, and for Remembrance Day, All Quiet on the Western Front.

And then?  I don’t know!  I can easily finish 10-12 books before ringing in 2012.  And maybe more!  I have a week’s vacation at Thanksgiving, and two weeks at Christmas.  This usually means a lot more reading time.  I’ve come up with so many ideas from my stacks; I’m almost giddy with excitement and I kind of want to start reading them all right now.  Let’s prioritize.

I’m very likely to read:

Then, I have several “fun” reads vying for my attention, all perfect choices for vacation time.  So I’ll probably read some of these:

And of course I have 136 Viragos, any one of which could fall into my lap!

Oh, if only there were time to read them all!

If you’d like to “lobby” for a favorite on my list, just leave a comment!


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14 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Can I Squeeze in all of these Before Year End?

  1. I also have We Have Always Lived In The Castle. I wanted to read it over Halloween weekend, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to squeeze it in. There’s never enough time to read all the books we’d like…which breaks my heart!
    Have a great Sunday and a wonderful week!

    • There’s never enough time to read all the books we’d like…which breaks my heart!
      Oh I couldn’t agree with you more, Ivana! Enjoy your reading.

  2. I’ll be interested to see your response to The Great Fire. I read it long before I was on LT, when i was a less discerning reader. I actually have three Shirley Jackson books on my stack so I’d be happy to get to any of them. And I may have to get that newest Kate Atkinson out of the library because I don’t see myself getting a copy anytime soon. So many books, so little time….so very right Laura.

    • Interested to see my response, eh Bonnie? Well that carefully-worded remark had me scurrying over to your LT catalog and … oh dear! Well, we’ll just have to see …

  3. I’ve decided to give up on any book that doesn’t win my heart after five pages. It’s the only way I can finish all the books I want to finish before I die.

    As to your list, I’d say I liked, but did not love, Castle. I liked a lot, but did not love, Miss Pettigrew.

  4. Scottsboro is on my list – but it may have to wait until January. I’ll be interested to see what you think of The Great Fire 🙂

    Have a great day, Laura! Glad to see you didn’t get the immense amount of snow that other states in the Northeast got (my mother is buried under 22 inches this morning in Concord, NH!)

    • Another one “interested” to see what I think of The Great Fire … but Wendy, you rated it better than Bonnie did. Now I’m intrigued!

  5. It looks like you’ve got some good reading ahead! I have left December open for mostly impulsive fun reading, but since it’s so full of holiday bustling about I never know how much reading I’ll actually do.

    • I like the idea of leaving December open, Alyce. I’m resisting the temptation to think about my little stack (other than being excited about it), because I want to tackle it based on my mood at the time. And like you, I’m not sure just how much reading time I’ll actually have. Have a great week!

    • Laurel-Rains, I haven’t read any Shirley Jackson but I love Kate Atkinson’s books and absolutely gave into temptation in buying her latest! Have a great week.

  6. I, too, like Alyce’s idea of leaving December open. I did try to do that last year and was relatively successful (comparatively speaking!) but I have so NOT done that this year. I just took a hard look at the stacks a couple of days ago and I’ll be reading fiercely through this month and next to finish with these library loans and other planned reading for 2011. That’s okay…so many good reads lately that it’s hard to question the time spent turning the pages.

    • BIP, I’d say that as long as you’re enjoying your reading and looking forward to what’s ahead, there’s nothing wrong with finishing your planned reading. Enjoy!

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