The Sunday Salon: Just when I cleared my stacks …

Ah, it’s been a lovely week of relaxing family time.  My older daughter returned to the nest, we celebrated Thanksgiving, saw two very different films (The Descendants and The Muppets!), and generally enjoyed everyone being together again.  Today she’s en route back to school, but happily we will see her again in three weeks!

It was also a good week for reading.  I was off work with more free time, and I had several books lined up that I was looking forward to.  I ended up reading & reviewing three books, and enjoyed two of them (links will take you to my review):

So now I’m staring down that list of books I plan to read before year-end, and am feeling pretty optimistic.  December will be all about fun reading, and I’ve had a nice warmup with Miss Pettigrew and my current book, Barbara Pym’s An Unsuitable Attachment.  I was also feeling pretty proud of myself, because my planned reads are all books I’ve owned for a while, and I was excited about making a bit of progress clearing my shelves.

But then I fell prey to used bookshop temptation.  I despise the frenetic holiday shopping scene, especially the day after Thanksgiving, and refuse to take part in it. But I make an exception for used bookshops — especially charity shops — in cute towns. So when my daughter asked if we could go to our favorite little charity bookshop, how could I refuse? It was both my parental and civic duty. And they were having a half-price sale. Kate picked up a few things, and I came away with:

I’ve made a neat stack of the 6-8 books I plan to read in December, but guess what? These acquisitions just filled in the empty shelf space left by those books.  I’m not brave enough to keep an annual tally of books that came and went, but I’m pretty sure I’m losing that battle.

Does anyone else have that problem?  I bet you do …


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11 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Just when I cleared my stacks …

  1. I now have space for about two books on my two-shelf too be read bookshelf. This is because I recently got a kindle and have four pages of downloaded books ready to be read. Help! Is there a support group out there??? I do eventually, get to them all though, so I really shouldn’t complain. And used bookstores- great books at half price, what’s not to love?

  2. Yes. It. Was. Your. Parental. And. Civic. Duty. **nods vehemently**

    Oryx and Crake might be a tough go; you could always read The Year of the Flood first and then decide if you want to see the “other side” of the story? One was written before the other, but they are, technically, companion novels, so it really wouldn’t be cheating…

    • Hmm BIP, I mostly picked up O&C because it made the Orange Shortlist and I thought I’d read it for Orange January. So now that I have it … well, I’ll follow through and consider myself forewarned.

      • Ah, the Orange thing. I get it. It’s one I’m planning to re-read when the series is complete, but I think that’s a while yet. Think: male, world-falling-apart. Read it with a Delafield or a Pym on hand: all will be well. I’ll look forward to your January report! 🙂

    • Laurel-Rains … please forgive me! I just found this comment, and your comment from Nov 20, in my spam queue. I’m so sorry for not checking it sooner. WordPress “flags” any comment with more than one embedded link. Usually I get a notice about your comments and have to approve them, but these two went straight to spam.

      I’m glad you hear you loved Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter!

  3. Hope you’ll love Crooked Letter, Laura!

    As far as stacks go – you don’t even want to see my out of control stacks. I think I could live to be 200 years old and never read them all!

    • Wendy, I’ve read your Mailbox Monday posts so I can only imagine the teetering towers of books at your house! You make me look virtuous by comparison, LOL!

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