2012 Chunkster Challenge

I hadn’t planned to join any 2012 challenges, but Wendy and Vasilly made this one sound so fun, I fell right into their trap.

A chunkster is defined as 450 pages or more of ADULT literature, whether non-fiction or fiction. A chunkster should be a challenge.  eBooks and audio books are not allowed — this is about dragging a really chunky tome around with you until it’s finished.

I’m signing up at The Plump Primer level, or 6 books, and I have a partial list:

  • A Dance to the Music of Time: Third Movement, by Anthony Powell
  • A Dance to the Music of Time: Fourth Movement, by Anthony Powell
  • Dark Fire, by C.J. Sansom
  • Cutting for Stone, by Abraham Verghese

I’ll be back with progress reports in my quarterly reading updates.

4 thoughts on “2012 Chunkster Challenge

  1. I wasn’t planning to read in this direction either, but I am, after all: turns out there are a lot of hefty reads on my shelves that I’ve been doing a stellar job of neglecting!

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    • Good luck! It’s always helpful to have some motivation to read chunky books. Although I love “Dance” (reading 3rd movement now), and am having no trouble at all!

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