2012 Off The Shelf Challenge

Every reader has this problem, right?  We acquire books with every intent to read them, and then … well … somehow they don’t get read as soon as we think.

In 2011, I decided to make a noticeable dent in my stacks, and I did, sort of:  I read 17 books acquired before 2011, plus 11 from my Virago Modern Classics collection.  But I also added 65 books to my library, including 32 Viragos.

So.  As I write this, I have over 60 unread books just lying around, not including 140+ Viragos.  The Off the Shelf Challenge, hosted by Bookish Ardour, is just what I need to help me keep the pile at a manageable level.  I’m going for the Making A Dint level, requiring 30 books.  I actually hope to do better, but the next level up requires 50 books, way more than I can imagine!

I plan to read 12 Virago Modern Classics, and at least 24 other books acquired before 2012.  I’ll share progress reports in my quarterly reading updates.

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