The Sunday Salon: 2012 Reading Resolutions

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2012!

It’s been a busy blogging week, as I worked feverishly to read and review my final books for 2011 (reviews: The Crowded Street, and The Land of Little Rain), and write a hopefully coherent 2011 Year in Review post, which includes the usual roundup of stats as well as my top reads for the year.

Last year, I resolved to “read normally,” shifting away from hyper-planned reading, filled with challenges and quantitative goals.  And it was a great year!  But now I’ve turned the calendar page, and have 366 days spread out before me.  It’s time to take stock of last year’s resolutions, and form some new ones for 2012.

My 2011 resolutions helped me stop planning my reads 2-3 months in advance.  I stayed away from reading challenges; in years past years these fueled my “need” to plan.  I also intended to take part in more reading events, but some of them didn’t pan out as I’d hoped.  Although I’m very active on LibraryThing, by the end of the year I was missing the community interaction that’s such a fun part of blogging.  So … um … I’ve joined three 2012 reading challenges :oops:.  But each one supports a reading resolution, so I can work towards my goals, in the company of other bloggers.  A rationalization?  Perhaps … 😉

  1. I will read more books from my stacks than I acquire.  I have over 60 unread books acquired before 2012, and more than 140 unread Virago Modern Classics in my collection.  Enter the Off the Shelf Challenge.  I hope to read 35-40 books I already own (about 50% of the year’s reading).  I also signed up for The Chunkster Challenge, as encouragement to read some of the heftier tomes on the shelves.
  2. I will read more non-fiction.  In a recent post, I noted that my reading was more than 90% fiction.  And I have tons of nonfiction on my shelves!  The Non-Fiction, Non-Memoir Challenge will help me accomplish two reading resolutions — woo hoo!
  3. I will continue making progress on all reading projects, but especially the Booker Prize, Orange Prize, and Virago Modern Classics.  I don’t have quantitative goals (sticking with my 2011 resolution!), but will be reading books that catch my interest.
  4. I will increase interaction with the book blogging community.  This includes group reads, events like Orange January/July, and  especially two that I host:  The Complete Booker, and the Elizabeth Taylor Centenary (which at this point is only on LibraryThing, but I’m toying with ideas).

And there they are: challenging, but not overwhelming.  Wish me luck!

What are your 2012 reading resolutions?

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16 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: 2012 Reading Resolutions

    • Laurel-Rain, I have some overlap too, I’m hoping the Chunkster Challenge encourages me to read the “denser” Nonfiction titles on my Stacks! Happy New Year!

  1. Wonderful goals! I’m hoping 2012 brings me the right balance of quantitative goals (some prize winners I really want to read) and open reading. I’ve gotten to know myself better as a reader each year I’ve been blogging, and I hope 2012 is the best reading year yet!

    • Hi Carrie, I know what you mean about getting to know yourself through blogging. I’ve become pretty good at choosing enjoyable books (my latest notwithstanding), and that does make reading even more fun! Good luck with 2012!

  2. Heheh. I like the little blushing bookish face when talk of challenges arises. I’m joining a few, too, but, like you, choosing ones that will keep my focus on areas that I want to read anyhow. I’m aiming for another dozen non-fiction titles as well, and although I had thought of just letting it “happen”, I’m going to keep track of them after all, because I can already see myself settling into the same-ol’-comfy-readin’ habits if I tell myself that I’ll just read “more of that s-o-o-n”. Isn’t it crazy how quickly the reading months pass, and suddenly you’re taking tallies and making graphs and realizing that you want to read more than ever but still only have the same seven days with which to work!

    Happy New Bookish Year to you!

    (Awfully curious to see where you’re planning to take the Taylor celebrations; it would be great if the platform was more inclusive somehow…)

    • BIP, I started out thinking I’d just magically read more non-fiction but like you it’s all to easy to slip into those comfy habits. And I’m pondering the Taylor celebrations but am a bit stymied at the moment. Maybe it’s because I returned to work this week and my brain is full. Anyway, ideas are welcome!

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