The Sunday Salon: Bookish Birthday Cornucopia

It’s been a big weekend chez Musings: yesterday was my birthday!  And not just any birthday, mind you, but one of those milestones.  You know, the kind that ends in zero.  I had a wonderful day with my family, including dinner in our favorite restaurant.  My husband made a grandfather clock for me; a magnificent piece that marks the passing of time with such beautiful chimes.  No photos as it still needs some finishing touches, but trust me, it’s very special.

On the bookish front, I received the first three Persephone BooksWilliam: An Englishman, Mariana, and Someone at a Distance.  Each volume looks so unassuming, with its classic gray cover.  But inside, each book is adorned with gorgeous endpaper and a matching bookmark.  Feast your eyes:

And of course I can’t wait to discover the great literature within these pretty covers.  I also received a Barnes & Noble gift card from a friend, and it’s burning a hole in my pocket!  I have plenty of books on my wish list, the challenge is deciding which one(s) are worthy at this time!

As much as I delighted in my birthday cornucopia, it also brought on that bookish panic that seizes me now and then: when will I ever find time to read all these books?   I keep reading, and I keep acquiring books, and I keep coming across more books I want to read.  My rational mind knows I can’t read them all, and that I need to be selective in my acquisitions.  My irrational mind wants to stop time and catch up.

Oh, but if I stopped time, I wouldn’t hear my new clock.  Sigh.


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23 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Bookish Birthday Cornucopia

  1. Happy belated birthday! LOL…. I hear you on the book accumulation… I just did the same thing last night. I walked into my book room looking for a specific title…. looked around the room and seen the piles of unread books and sort of did a spin move and walked out. (I do love my book though)

  2. Happy birthday Laura! How amazing that your husband MADE you a clock…now that is a gift to treasure! So are those Persephones…read the Whipple first! I hear you about the book accumulation…I did a mini cull this weekend after seeing the piles I’ve hidden in my wardrobe!!!

    • Rachel, thanks for the Dorothy Whipple rec. I know you’re a fan. And I may just have to stage a mini cull sometime soon. At some point one has to admit that a book that looked marvelous a few years ago just might never be read.

  3. Oh, I love acquiring books, too, even though I have many still unread on my stacks. I’m working at bringing those unread numbers down, and participating in challenges each year helps me do that.

    But if I don’t stop bringing new ones in…well, you know what happens.

    Happy birthday, and enjoy the celebration of lovely books.


  4. Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration! I am amazed and impressed that your husband made you a granfather clock, how wonderful!

    I love Persephone Books and you received some great ones, Enjoy!

    I have stressed at times about how I am ever going to read all of the books I own as well as the ones I don’t own but want to read. I’ve realized and come to terms with the fact that I won’t get a chance to read them all so I might just as well enjoy what I get the chance to read!

    Have a wonderful remaining weekend!

    • Amy, my “so many books” stress comes and goes. You’re absolutely right, it’s important to enjoy whatever you read. I’ll try to keep that in mind.

  5. Happy birthday Laura! And what a lovely gift. 😀

    I try to remind myself that having too many marvelous-sounding books is far better than having too few!

  6. Happy birthday!

    What a lovely gift your husband made for you! Its likely to be one of those that you hand down in the family and will be appreciated for years to come.

    As for the books, my family has just stopped giving me books because they don’t know what to give me (maybe I should just email them my ChaptersIndigo wishlist and they can choose something from there).

    • Melissa, I’m very thankful for my talented husband 🙂
      My family doesn’t usually give me books either, for exactly the same reason. Your wish list idea is a good one.

    • Laura, thanks for visiting. I just wish the 0’s got easier over time instead of harder! Fortunately I have a lot of older friends so I can feel like the young one in the bunch. 🙂

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  8. Happy belated birthday! Lucky you to have a grandfather clock made for you, I love them. We have a rather ugly one that belonged to my husband’s grandparents but the noise it makes is just wonderful.

    • Victoria, thank you for the birthday wishes. I just spent a few moments visiting your blog and really enjoyed it. I’ve added it to my Google Reader.

    • Thanks Jackie! I was hoping for a “wordless Wednesday” clock photo today but it’s still receiving some finishing touches. Soon I hope!

  9. Happy belated birthday wishes, Laura! A grandfather clock for your birthday…sigh, how wonderful. And lucky you receiving some new Persephone titles, the Whipple is unforgettable, enjoy!

  10. By the time your next ‘0’ birthday comes around, you’ll probably have all the Persephones lying around begging for your attention, not just three. (I love the fact that you have the *first* three.) Happy, happy birthday. May all the best books get read while the clock is chiming.

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