The Sunday Salon: Elizabeth Taylor Centenary Going Strong

Four months into the 2012 Elizabeth Taylor Centenary, and we’re going strong.  The monthly readalongs have been so much fun. LibraryThing readers chat away, as we do, on Talk threads dedicated to each book.  And here in blog-land, our monthly hosts are doing a fine job promoting the Centenary, stimulating discussion, and generally raising interest in Taylor’s work.

In February, Rachel @ Booksnob introduced us to Palladian, Taylor’s second novel, describing it as “an intriguing, beautifully written and incredibly clever novel that explores the nature of grief, self destruction, self deception …, dissatisfaction and disappointment, and also of hope.”  Then in March, Simon @ Stuck In a Book wrote about A View of the Harbour, “I think the central division between characters is whether they are observant or oblivious.  Neither ‘type’ takes much action as a result of their knowledge, but some seek this knowledge as though it were their lifeblood; others do not even consider its existence.”  Many readers felt this was their favorite Taylor novel so far.

But it’s only April, and there’s much more to come!  This month we’re reading A Wreath of Roses, and the lovely FleurFisher has already published a post describing how A Wreath of Roses made her fall in love with Taylor’s writing.  This Friday, April 20, she will return with more discussion, and a giveaway!  This is the first of a few giveaways planned for our year-long celebration.  Excited?  You should be!

Our hosts aren’t the only ones reviewing the monthly reads, either.  My Elizabeth Taylor Centenary page is chock-a-block with links to reviews.  And it’s not too late to get involved — blog hosts are still needed for August (In a Summer Season) and December (Blaming).  Use the contact form if you’d like to host a readalong.  And finally, if all this has whetted your appetite for Virago Modern Classics, visit the  Virago Modern Classics Readers Facebook page and join over 90 other fans.  You’ll be glad you did!

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone.


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