The Sunday Salon: Orange July is almost here!

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Sunday.  The east coast of the US was hit with blazing heat this week — unusual for June, more typical of July.  So of course that got me thinking about Orange July, a biannual event (with its sister month, January) where people around the world commit to read at least one nominee for the literary prize formerly known as the Orange Prize for Fiction.   Orange July is hosted by Jill @ The Magic Lasso, and you can read more or sign up here, and chat about it on Facebook here.

I wouldn’t miss this for the world!!  And I started with very ambitious plans for Orange July.  But regular readers will know I’ve read at a slower pace this year, and that my June reading plans took a significant detour.  So I’ve been hesitant about over-committing, and am inclined to play it by ear a bit.  Nevertheless, there are two books I will definitely read for Orange July:

  • Song of Achilles, by Madeline Miller: I was so excited about the 2012 prize winner; I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy.  It’s already sitting on my “read next” pile, looking all shiny and new.
  • Gillespie and I, by Jane Harris: This was on my June book stack, but it fits just as well in July, since it was long-listed for this year’s prize.

I have several more books in mind, more than I could hope to read even in a “normal” month!  They are all books I’ve heard about through earlier Orangey reading events.  All are available from my local library, so I’ll need to whittle this list down in the next couple of weeks.  And you can help!  Here’s my list of potential reads:

  • The Accidental, by Ali Smith: I’m pretty likely to read this one. It was also nominated for the Booker Prize nominee, so it checks a couple of boxes for me.
  • Grace Williams Says It Loud, by Emma Henderson
  • No Bones, by Anna Burns
  • A Child’s Book of True Crime, by Chloe Hooper
  • Homestead, by Rosina Lippi

Which do you recommend, and why?

Are you taking part in Orange July?  What books do you plan to read?


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9 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Orange July is almost here!

  1. I would vote for Grace Williams Says it Loud – I read it last year and found it to be a really powerful book. I haven’t read any of the others on your list of potential reads though.

  2. Thanks for the reminder about Orange July! I’ll be sure to sign up. I haven’t read any of the books you’ve listed but I would pick A Child’s Book of True Crime since it’s been on my tbr list for years now. Happy reading!

  3. Haven’t heard of Orange July before but now I have, it’s given me yet another list of books to add to the yet-to-be-read list. I think I already have The Accidental on the shelf so that might just do the trick. Mind you I have Hilary Mantel still tantalising me…..

    • Karen, the Orange Prize makes a nice companion to the Booker which I know you already enjoy. I have had a lot of fun reading the winners & nominees for both prizes. I hope you’ll join in on Orange July but by all means, don’t limit your Orange reading to just two months of the year! 🙂

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