The Sunday Salon: Sock Knitting Book Addiction

It all started with a book: Getting Started Knitting Socks, by Ann Budd, which helped me knit my first pair of socksAnd my second pair, too.  By that time I’d caught the sock bug.  I bought a pattern and yarn to knit socks for my husband, but found the yarn difficult to work with.  So I bought some different yarn and returned to Getting Started Knitting Socks for inspiration.  When my daughter came home from college and wanted to try her hand at sock knitting, out came Getting Started Knitting Socks.  This is  a great book, I tell you.  Especially for beginning sock knitters.

But then, Darlene @ Roses over a Cottage Door led me into temptation.  I came across her profile on Ravelry, and found a pretty pair of socks she made from Favorite Socks, a book with 25 lovely designs.  And I thought, “someday …”  Well, my now sock-obsessed daughter has spent her summer working in a book shop, and offered to order it for me.  How could I refuse?  Supporting my knitting habit, and her employer.  Deal!  I’m currently knitting the very same socks Darlene made.

I’ve found I really like Ann Budd’s designs.  They are attractive and not too complicated.  And I kept reading about another of her books on RavelrySock Knitting Master Class.  Friday night, I once again found myself in my daughter’s place of employment (how does that happen?!), and since she was buying a book for herself, I felt I needed to join in.  Lo and behold, there was Sock Knitting Master Class on the shelves.  Well, I really had no choice.  I’m sure you understand, right?

Between these two new acquisitions I have about 40 sock designs to try.  Of course some appeal to me more than others, but I also just like looking at the pictures.  I fear I could easily be tempted by another sock knitting book.

Or, my eyes might just wander over other knitting books that would inspire me to try new types of projects.  Perhaps some of you are knitters as well, and have a favorite …

Do you have any knitting books to recommend?


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10 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Sock Knitting Book Addiction

  1. Oh Laura! You should have seen the smile I just had! The pair of socks on the cover of that book desperately made me want to attempt lace. Scared to death, I just took things one line at a time and guess what? it worked! There was no looking back…off to check out your Ravelry profile to see how you’re getting on.

    Good on you for challenging yourself!

    • Darlene, I love those socks on the cover too. I’m glad you had such success with them because I’m eager to give them a try myself.

  2. This sock knitting is strangely addictive, isn’t it.?I’m now on to my third sock. No books yet, but I would say that it’s worth looking at all the search options on Ravelry because there are some lovely patterns available free or as a single purchase.

    • Fleur, I didn’t realize you’d caught the sock bug although I remember you posting about your first socks not too long ago. I definitely want to branch out a bit, but one thing I like about socks is I can complete them relatively quickly (in less time than, say, a sweater) so I feel like I’m accomplishing something.

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