BBAW: Appreciation for Fellow Book Bloggers

Welcome to Book Blogger Appreciation Week!  We’re kicking things off, appropriately, with appreciation:  sharing the blogs we enjoy reading.  The book blogs I follow most diligently appear in my sidebar.  Last year I profiled some of these, in my 2011 appreciation post and earlier posts (here and here).

But the blogosphere is vast, and I continue discovering new ones that pique my interest.  At any point I’m “test driving” about half a dozen.  If I find myself reading them a lot, they earn a place on the sidebar and in my feed reader.  Recent additions include:

  • Savidge ReadsBooks on the Nightstand led me to The Readers podcast, which led me to Simon’s blog.  I’ve listened to Simon and fellow blogger Gavin since the early days of their podcast.  Simon’s taste in books is similar to mine, and he is personally responsible for two of my 5-star reads this year:  Gillespie and I (my review) and Song of Achilles (my review).
  • Chrisbookarama:  Chris’s blog is a very recent discovery, and I’ll be interviewing her tomorrow!  Be sure to come back to learn more about Chris and her bookish thoughts.
  • Kaggsy’s Bookish Ramblings: I first “met” Karen through the LibraryThing Virago Group, and enjoyed her thoughts on Virago Modern Classics and her fabulous finds in second-hand bookshops.  I’m glad she decided to start blogging about them!

During BBAW I would be remiss if I didn’t give an appreciative shout out to all the Virago-reading bloggers who play such an important role in this year’s Elizabeth Taylor Centenary. These intrepid souls are all hosting monthly readalongs and discussion on their blogs, and are active contributors in the LibraryThing Virago Group, and on Facebook’s Virago Modern Classics Readers page.  These bloggers rock!

I hope you’ll spend a few minutes today visiting all these fine bloggers.  I bet you’ll find at least one to add to your feed reader!


14 thoughts on “BBAW: Appreciation for Fellow Book Bloggers

  1. Some of my very favourite people, not only in the blogsphere but in person as well! Thanks to them I now have a couple of bookcases full to bursting and will never be bookless or in want of something to read ever again.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Laura, and also for all your support with the Elizabeth Taylor Centenary. I’ve so enjoyed making contact with other booklovers online and I’ve discovered so many wonderful books too!

  3. You highlighted some amazing blogs..Savidge Reads is terrific. I loved Gillespie and I. I have yet to read Song of Achilles but I will!

    Your list of Virago-reading bloggers contains some blogs I really enjoy reading and hope to read more frequently in the next year. I will be visiting the blogs you listed that I’m not familiar with and I’m really looking forward to them!

    I really enjoyed your first BBAW 2012 post – Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Laura. We have many feeds in common it seems, but I did realize that somehow I had overlooked subbing to Karen’s, so your list here mended that gap. I’ve fallen behind in my Taylor reading, but I know it’s nothing that a nice long weekend couldn’t fix up.

    • BIP, my problem with nice long weekends is that I always have way to much catching up to do, and find I need a series of nice long weekends! Good luck 🙂

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