BBAW: That Was the Week That Was

Today is the last day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week.  And what a week it’s been!  Let’s look back at some of the highlights, shall we?

Cue sentimental music …

  • I met Chris @ Chrisbookarama.  What a treat!
  • Sheila from Book Journey wrote a great guest post about how she discovered community. She said, “I love hitting ‘publish’ and later seeing who had what to say about what I wrote.”
  • Speaking of which: so many comments this week!  I loved having more visitors and chit-chat.
  • Kim from Sophisticated Dorkiness opened my eyes to the world of nonfiction book bloggers.  I’m not ready to take on that blogging challenge (first I’d actually have to read more nonfiction!), but I love the idea that there are brave souls out there doing it.  And I bet they have book recommendations for me, too.
  • Florinda at The 3 R’s Blog wrote about the important role book bloggers play in producing authentic opinion, and followed up the next day discussing objective critiques vs. enthusiastic recommendations.
  • Simon at Stuck-in-a-Book has introduced me to several bloggers already, but his appreciation post (and the comments) gave me even more to visit and discover.  This is great, because as I said on Wednesday, blogging is all about community!
  • And finally there was Twitter!  I confess to being pretty new over there, and not having it all figured out yet.  But following #BBAW was great fun.  And I even tweeted a bit (yeah, I know that’s the point, but like I said, I’m new).  I kinda get it now.  Before BBAW I felt like an owl, hooting in the night and wondering if anyone heard me.  With #BBAW, it was more like being in a huge tree with hundreds of other lively songbirds, chirping away.  (Oh, have I mentioned I’m a bird nerd as well as a book geek?)

The result of all this book blogger love is a much-needed energy boost.  I hope the glow lasts a good long while!

What were the highlights of BBAW for you?


18 thoughts on “BBAW: That Was the Week That Was

  1. Sounds like you had a great week! Hash tags are a great way to bring Twitter from universe-sized to community-sized.

  2. This has been a great week to catch up with some of my favorite people (and meet some new potential favorites). It also inspired–though one of your posts, actually!–a new project that I’m hoping to bring to the Estella Society. Long live BBAW!

  3. Thanks for the links to even more blogs…I love this event.

    I found so many great blogs and more wonderful books. This was my first time participating.

    It is has been a fabulous week. I loved it all.

    Stop by my blog if you like to see my Day 3, 4, and 5 responses if you like.

    Silver’s Reviews

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