The Sunday Salon: This Week’s Reading

Hello Saloners!  I hope you’re enjoying the weekend, whatever it has brought you.

It’s been a busy week chez Musings, as I spent most of it out of town.  My mom moved into a retirement community, and I was on hand to assist with last-minute preparations and see her through the process.  Everything went fine and she is very happy with her new place.  My dad is in a different facility due to his care needs, but I’m hopeful we can bring them closer together in the coming months.  Still, this week marked a major milestone for them and I’m glad we got through it.

So as you can imagine, I didn’t read as much as I do in a normal week.  I spent more time knitting, and made great progress on the second sock in a pair I’m really looking forward to wearing.  I also stumbled across a gorgeous yarn shop just blocks from Mom’s apartment, and acquired supplies for several future projects.  If you’re ever in Cincinnati, be sure to check out Hank, a Yarn Boutique — I know I’ll be back every time I visit my parents.

But back to books … I managed to carve out a little time each day, and lots of time during my flights, to read Barchester TowersThis chunkster is perfect for the Kindle; it would have been a pain to carry around otherwise.  I’m about 40% through the book, and enjoying it very much.  Trollope has a great wit and loves to poke fun at the clergy and church politics.  I’m reading this as part of a tutored read on LibraryThing, where another member explains a lot of the societal background which is very helpful and interesting.

Because I’ve read a little ahead of the tutored read, I decided to pick up Barbara Comyns’ The Vet’s Daughter last night.  I’m not very far along yet, but I’m intrigued.  I’ve heard this book described as intense with some comic / ironic elements, and so far it’s living up to that description.

The week ahead promises to be a busy one, as I catch up at work after my time away.  But then I’m off during Thanksgiving week, and am looking forward to travel-free family time.

Reading anything interesting this week?

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12 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: This Week’s Reading

  1. I am happy to report that I am reading again! And nestled with Linda Grant’s Orange book, The Clothes On Their Back.

    So glad your parents’ transition to the various facilities went well. Hopefully, they’ll move closer to each other, as you hint in your blog post, in the coming months. Take care of yourself through this process too. It’s a hard one. =)

  2. Well done on making it through what must have been a difficult week. It’s so hard for us as our parents get older, and knowing what to do for their best care. My parents are still in their own home, just, as my Dad had two strokes last year. Luckily he came through and is doing much better than we thought with my Mum caring for him. I hope you can get your parents closer together in the coming months.

    And well done with Barchester Towers – another one I have on the toppling tbr pile!

    • Kaggsy, you’re right it’s difficult to know what the “right” decisions are. And you also never know when you will have to deal with it — my parents’ situation changed quite suddenly back in June. And even though there is still work left to accomplish, things are much, much better than they were. Thanks for the moral support.

  3. I just finished Keep the Aspidistra Flying and really enjoyed most of it. I know Orwell was poking fun at Gordon, the protagonist, but his constant whining did wear thin towards the end. The opening chapter, set in the shabby secondhand bookstore Gordon works in, is a delight.

    I tried to read Ask a Policeman next but it was too much of an exercise.

    So now I’m about 50 into Daniel O’Thunder, by Ian Weir. It’s a ripsnorter of a Victorian pastiche. Loving it!

    Best wishes for your folks.

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