Midweek @ Musings: Coming Soon – Elizabeth Taylor Centenary Giveaway

This has been a banner year for fans of Elizabeth Taylor, the British novelist.  To celebrate the 100th anniversary of her birth, book bloggers and LibraryThing Virago Group members have been reading her novels in order of publication, one novel each month.  The book reviews and monthly discussion have been delightful (visit my Elizabeth Taylor Centenary page to explore).

We are now very close to the end of this journey, with only two novels left to read:

  • Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont (1971) – hosted by Verity @ Verity’s Virago Venture. Verity has enlisted other readers to seed the discussion, and I can’t wait to see what she has planned.  Look for a post on her blog later this week.
  • Blaming (1976) – guest hosted by Dee, a LibraryThing member.  Next week I’ll introduce Dee and say more about what she has planned for December.

I’m also planning a giveaway this month!  I have a brand-new copy of Nicola Beauman’s biography, The Other Elizabeth Taylor, which will be up for grabs on Sunday.  This book is somewhat controversial, in that Taylor’s children have objected to certain themes, but despite that I found it an invaluable resource on the life of a very private person (read my review).  This book is a must-have for any Elizabeth Taylor fan, and makes great reading even if you are just getting to know Taylor and her work.

I hope you’ll consider taking part in one of the final readalongs, and be on the lookout this Sunday for information on the giveaway!

7 thoughts on “Midweek @ Musings: Coming Soon – Elizabeth Taylor Centenary Giveaway

    • Rebecca, Elizabeth Taylor is a delightful, if lesser-known, author. I only discovered her once I started collecting Virago Modern Classics.

      The “objectionable” elements of the biography have to do with Taylor’s marriage, which her children would prefer be kept private. Her books often deal with marriage-related themes and once you’ve read the biography you can often find parallels with her life.

  1. I can hardly believe that almost a whole year has gone by since those early posts you wrote about hosting this event, Laura. My daughter gave me a copy of ‘Blaming’ for Christmas a couple of years ago and I absolutely loved it. I’ll have to have a look through some posts to see if I can find it for your Mr Linky.

    Someone is going to be very lucky to have a copy of The Other Elizabeth Taylor land in their mailbox. Another excellent read.

    • Hello Darlene, nice to see you here. I can’t believe the year is almost over either. Over in the LibraryThing Virago group we’re talking about reading Pym next year (it will be her centenary!), and I will join in but I don’t plan to “run things” as I did with our dear Eliz.

  2. I was not familiar with Elizabeth Taylor, the author until beginning to read all the blogs about her this year. I am curious about her books now and will look in on your giveaway Sunday. But of course there is also the library and bookshops in order to learn more about this popular author. Thanks, good post. Pam

    • Pam, I would hope you could find Taylor’s novels in your library or in the shops, especially used Virago Modern Classics. I recommend starting with one of her earlier novels, like At Mrs Lippincote’s or A View of the Harbour (the latter being a personal favorite).

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