Midweek @ Musings: A Tour of my new Bookshelves

Last week heralded the arrival of new bookshelves chez Musings, courtesy of my talented husband, who designs and builds custom furniture.  We had a lovely time reorganizing our books, deciding which ones were worthy of a place on the new shelves.  We also used this as an opportunity for some much-needed housekeeping, creating piles for donation to our library, and listing a bunch of books on Paperbackswap.  Now it’s time for a virtual tour!  I used thumbnails to save space but I hope you will click each one for a larger view, which will open in a new window.

Living Room Shelves (TBR in cabinets)) photo 91CDEA41-3F0D-4F19-923A-C97BAAD797EC-2098-000001C2BC59B18D.jpg"His" Shelves and Gardening Books photo 7704B44B-FA00-4FE4-BAB3-37368B421262-1568-0000010175571D26.jpg "Her" Shelves and Room to Grow photo 6D9D53FF-6919-4906-A563-4F3455C12847-1568-000001017B9C633A.jpg

First, in the living room, we have a bookcase for some of our “nicer” books.  The cabinets underneath house my TBR shelf and what we affectionately call “ugly paperbacks.”  The new bookcases are in a hallway leading from the family room to the study.  The photo in the center is one of the new bookcases, let’s call it “his” shelves.  Here you will find everything from Proust to William Boyd to David Foster Wallace to P.G. Wodehouse.  Not to mention our gardening books on the bottom two shelves.  The bookcase on the right is the same design, just wider, and holds some of my more display-worthy books.  And there’s plenty of room to grow!  Zooming in on my shelves:

  Persephones photo 6759EA9C-53F2-46AA-955D-4714065DD955-2098-000001C2B42D62B4.jpg Memorable Reads photo 0DCBBE67-53FC-43EE-A921-D61393426D55-2098-000001C2AD955E39.jpg Great Women Authors photo 23ADFD76-E88C-43FA-A8C3-573FE0CB9ACC-2098-000001C2A68FC33B.jpg

Persephones, memorable reads, and favorite women authors

And finally, all of this reorganizing and culling now allows me to devote an entire bookcase to my Virago Modern Classics collection (now at 215).  Et voila, la pièce de résistance:
Virago Modern Classics Collection at 215 photo 6BC582E9-2E5F-4C36-A9F2-3739698466EB-1568-000001016AD4E57E.jpg

We picked up this bookcase in an antique auction years ago.  It’s in the study, so my books can watch over me when I work from home. The doors are usually closed, but I wanted you to see all the green spines!  Now that we’ve relocated books to the “his and hers” bookcases, I have plenty of room to expand my Virago collection too.

I love organizing and reorganizing my books.  How about you?

24 thoughts on “Midweek @ Musings: A Tour of my new Bookshelves

  1. The shelves are great. I need to go through my books and cull but I have so many of them. At about 1800 vintage Penguin books on shelves plus more in boxes plus another 2000+ non Penguin books it is lovely to have enough shelves to keep them on but they really are at their limits now. Enjoy your “his” shelves. Lovely.

  2. What lovely shelves Laura – makes me want to go and have a sort out of mine!I have been gaining books faster than I shed them and I really need to be ruthless. Your Viragos look *so* lovely!

  3. I have a very acute case of bookshelf envy. Lovely, all of them. I love nothing better than having new shelf space to move into, causing a ripple effect reorganisation.

    • Thanks Tui, I’ve been eagerly anticipating this little project so it was a lot of fun to go through the process, and to share it.

  4. I am so jealous!! Not only of your beautiful shelves, that goes without saying. But of your “room to grow.” I had some of that back in January but now…not an inch of space. Lucky you Laura.

  5. Bookshelf porn at its finest! Laura, you must know we’re all drooling on our sides of our computers. Those are beautiful shelves. I do love organizing books too–mine need a good going over right now, I’m sure, but I’ve decided I won’t worry about that until Mouse is old enough to shelve the books she takes down.

    • Thank you Wendy! You have a special problem with Mouse. I miss those days, so I’d say enjoy the chaos while it lasts!!

  6. Ooh, I was telling my husband about your Virago bookshelves just the other day. We’re mulling over another bookcase at the moment and how my books would be redistributed. He’s off to Orlando in less than two weeks so this is a project for when he’s away.

    And that husband of yours in very talented, Laura!

    • That sounds like a wonderful project to fill your “lonely” days Darlene! And I’ll be sure to pass your compliments on to Chris, thanks!

  7. I love paperbackswap.com!!! I just keep thinking, it’s kind of like a trick. I mean, I give you a book that isn’t worth much to me, but then I get a $20ish book back in the mail that I REALLY want? It’s amazing!

    I also am one of those people that goes to someone’s house and zoom in on any books or bookshelves around to see what they are reading! So this is pretty cool! Maybe I’ll do a bookshelf tour myself, since I’m currently living in an apartment without a bookshelf, but I still managed to display my books!

    Love the bookshelves!!! You have one talented Mr!

    • Thanks Alex. I don’t expect the growing space to last long, in fact just the other day I came across two chunky books tucked away in a corner, that really deserve space on the new shelves.

  8. Gorgeous! What luck, a man who can make furniture 🙂
    We are having the parquet floor in our living room redone and one of the best parts for me is having to move the book shelf out, which means rearranging, dusting and finding out what’s hiding behind the stack that’s build up in front of the row behind! Oh yes, love to reorganise shelves and find forgotten gems.

    • He’s a pretty good guy, Claire! In return I knit him socks but I don’t think that’s quite a fair trade 🙂

      Enjoy reorganizing your shelves!!

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