You can find me on LibraryThing …

I’ve been scarce around these parts lately; in fact, I didn’t publish a single post in August.  And, to be honest, my blogging has been on a decline all year.  I tried to stay on top of reviews, and managed fairly well up to this month, but other content just hasn’t been forthcoming.  I’m still reading, but I’m doing other things, too: gardening (sort of, it’s really quite a mess out there at the moment), knitting (I finished my first sweater!), working (taking on new responsibilities), and enjoying time with my family.

So, I’m taking a break from blogging.  It may last a few months, or it may be permanent — time will tell.  I’m still active on LibraryThing, though. I’ve been a member there since late 2006, shortly before I began blogging, and I’ve made a lot of friends there.  These days I’m most active in the 75 Books Challenge group, the Virago Modern Classics group, and a private group called The Red Room.

If you visit my profile page, you can find information about my library and browse my books to your heart’s content.  You will also find links to my personal thread in the 75 Books Challenge group, where I keep track of my reading and chat with other members — it’s a lot like a blog, really.

I hope you’ll come visit me!


18 thoughts on “You can find me on LibraryThing …

  1. Well, we’ll miss you here Laura, but will keep in touch on LT! You need to do what you need to do and if blogging isn’t right for you at the moment there’s no point doing it if you don’t enjoy it. See you on LT!

  2. Oh I’m going to miss you! I’m technically on LT but I’m never there, I play at GoodReads instead.
    But whatever happens, I want to congratulate you on the contribution you have made to the LitBlog world, your reviews have always been first class and I’ve always enjoyed your style and friendliness. Thanks, and all the best

    • Aw, thank you Lisa, for such kind comments. I can still publish my LT reviews on my Facebook page so perhaps that will be a suitable alternative. Meanwhile, I’ll still be following your blog with interest.

  3. Congrats on your sweater, Laura! Off to find you on LibraryThing…I pop up on there every now and then but it would be my next home should I ever decide to stop posting on blogger. Okay, off to find you…

    • Thanks Darlene. I’ve enjoyed your Cosy Books blog and will continue following it. Have you knit anything interesting lately? I will soon start my second sweater, and I always seem to have a pair of socks on the go.

  4. I hope we’ll see you around the Blogosphere, Laura! I need to spend more time on LT…now I don’t have a desk job, it’s hard to keep up! Enjoy your new found free time!

  5. Just seen this Laura – catching up with blog reading. I will miss your blog posts – but I can understand your decision – blogging does take up a huge amount of time. See you over on LT 🙂

  6. Will miss your blog Laura but will catch you elsewhere. Perhaps you’ll be back here in the future — summer is a busy time and I didn’t post much either. By late fall things will settle …

  7. I hope the absence doesn’t become permanent Laura because as you can see you have plenty of people – me included – who will miss you so much. Even if we do understand why you have been quiet lately it doesn’t mean we hope you will not forsake us for too long.

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