A rare find at local used book sale

Just a short post to brag a bit about my 17-year-old daughter, an aspiring writer / journalist.  For six consecutive Saturdays, she attended a journalism program sponsored by Philadelphia’s CBS radio/TV affiliate, and learned about the inner workings of a major market radio station. Each student researched, wrote, and produced a 30-second radio spot on an item of local interest.  Their spots will air throughout April, and are available online.

And I just love that fact that, completely on her own, she chose a book-related topic.

Listen and enjoy (if you’re viewing this in a feed reader, you may have to click through to my blog to play the clip):

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Welcome to the new home of Musings !

Sit down, have a cup of tea or coffee, and peruse my first few posts.  Check out my Reading Archives page to see where I’ve been.  And don’t forget to update your feed reader!

Coming Soon

As of January 1, 2010 this will be the new home for Musings.  I have decided to move away from LiveJournal in order to:

  • Provide search capability
  • Improve the organization of posts using tabbed pages
  • Increase the number of links on my sidebar
  • Add more graphical widgets to my sidebar
  • Be able to save drafts and schedule posts in advance

I still have some work to do, most notably adding a custom header.  I hope you like the new look!